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Public Administration and Government


The graduate in Public Administration and Government practices social and political leadership in the public power spheres, develops policies that seek the common good, designs plans and programs that guide government management, directs levels of command, and defines strategies that positively influence public policies in all government spheres.
  • Anáhuac University commits itself to educate public administrators with ethical and moral values based on comprehensive academic training, which is a trait of its graduates that allows them to improve the performance of their functions through transparency standards and a commitment to society.
  • It prepares men and women that brilliantly develop their professional activity and who aspire to conduct themselves as positive action leaders to implement government actions and programs in an efficient, effective and responsible way, thus fulfilling the social actions, an Anáhuac’s Mission commitment.
  • You may obtain the dual-degree in International Relations if you study two more years (or less if you study during summertime)
The Public Administration professional is capable of:
  • Understanding social needs and managing the administrative planning modalities, directing the implementation or decision-making processes, prior to an evaluation of several political implications inherent to the forms of organization, communication, and administrative practices, incorporating them with an ethical and human sense in order to benefit society.
  • Understanding the normative judiciary framework of public administration within the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches. Noticing the importance of the state-owned sector in Mexico.
  • Proposing administrative strategies to the forms of organization of the federal, state and municipal public sector.
  • Analyzing the regional development and management of technical and operative issues that are needed for its improvement.