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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development possess solid professional, intellectual, human, social, and spiritual skills, together with a profound sense of truth and righteousness. They exert their leadership in order to transform society and culture in accordance with ethical principles that help them identify factors driving social, economic, and environmental improvement. Graduates work towards the integration of the three sectors (government, industry, and civil society) with the purpose of designing and implementing innovative, responsible, and sustainable solutions for the benefit and prosperity of individuals, communities, and nations. In this way, they serve others and contribute to the advancement of humankind.
  • Ours is the only bachelor's degree program in Mexico to offer comprehensive training in the fields of social responsibility and sustainable development.
  • Our faculty consists of noted scholars with graduate degrees and a wealth of experience in the private, government, and social sectors.
  • By choosing one of our four diploma courses, students can earn a pre-specialization in their specific area of interest, which adds value to their education.
  • The program includes field trips to locations with projects in environmental sustainability or social responsibility, which complements our students' professional preparation.
  • Students complete field practice in national and international organizations (government, companies, foundations), which adds value to their education.
  • Students receive individualized attention from faculty members.
  • Our students gain managerial skills with a focus on the transcendent, humanistic aspects of social responsibility and sustainable development.
  • You will devise programs intended to address issues in the fields of human rights, environmental conservation, fair labor standards, and management transparency.
  • You will engage in the management of social responsibility and sustainable development processes, ensuring proper use (both effective and efficient) of available resources for the common benefit of all parties involved.
  • You will possess critical awareness of social processes and the skills needed to understand, act, and encourage long-lasting community development.
  • You will analyze and understand the economic, social, and environmental processes with the potential to create value for interest groups.
  • You will draft public policy proposals aimed at creating value for the system and providing legal certainty to the parties involved.