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The Anáhuac Theatre and Acting graduate is a person with a solid professional, intellectual, human, social, and spiritual education who acts, directs, produces, administers, and manages artistic and cultural projects of high professional quality at a national and international level, with a deeply ethical and social commitment. Our theater and acting graduate performs in: theater, cinema, television, radio, and several stage shows, and is able to create companies due to her/his leadership in the arts, seeking in the exercise of this profession the truth, good and beauty for the transformation of society.

The degree in Theatre and Acting is an educational project that provides students with the opportunity to acquire the artistic and professional qualifications necessary to perform, nationally and internationally, as actors and theater professionals in the fields of arts, culture, business, and communication and social expression media. Besides, it offers the possibility of choosing between four branches of artistic work:

  • Acting
  • Stage production
  • Stage direction
  • Teaching for theatre and cultural management

During the courses, students of the Anahuac University Degree in Theatre and Acting will be oriented to the development of genuine Positive Action Leadership through innovative programs and a team of highly qualified teachers in the area. Throughout their university years, they will receive a solid and personalized preparation that will allow them to be upright and humane professionals.

  • Graduates in Theatre and Acting act, direct, manage, produce and promote dramatic art.
  • They develop acting projects in theatre, cinema, television, and radio, aimed at people of different ages and social backgrounds, with national and international projection.
  • They direct and produce stagings in theatres and mass media, with the hallmark of high human and social leadership.
  • They promote stage productions in theatres, entertainment centers, and other venues, being sensitive to the needs of the community.
  • Promote artistic, cultural, and educational projects in cultural organizations and institutions in collaboration with other professionals, considering art as a means to ensure the growth and development of the individual and society.
  • They supervise various cultural and artistic activities in public and private institutions, with theoretical-practical professionalism and ethical and moral vision for the benefit of society.
  • They design, create and produce shows in which acting, dance, and singing are involved, with a high sense of creativity and the purpose of spreading the common good with genuine social conscience and responsibility.
  • They design scenography, audio, lighting, costumes, and make-up for theater with creativity, ethical vision, and social responsibility.
  • They develop theatre activities in hospitals, homes, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, and social reintegration centers, transmitting emotions and feelings through artistic expression, with a high sense of solidarity and social commitment.
  • They optimize the teaching-learning process by teaching theatre and acting subjects to people of different ages, grades, and educational environments, carrying out interdisciplinary work that is sensitive to the needs of people and society.
  • They take part in social, business, and artistic events as animators, announcers, and dubbing actors, in radio, cinema, television, theaters, and entertainment centers, creatively and professionally, with ethical vision and social responsibility.
  • They participate in advertising campaigns of various companies and organizations with a high degree of creativity and innovation, adhering to professional ethics.