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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Tourism Management are ethical professionals with a sense of service to others and a commitment towards the development and welfare of their communities. They are leaders who, in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams, showcase the value of a region's identity and create new business opportunities. Graduates visualize different scenarios to diversify the offering of products, services, and experiences for tourists, thus creating space for the search of the transcendental meaning of life and for socialization with others. They evaluate the appropriateness of sustainable projects and investments in the tourism industry based on solid market research results. They use administrative and marketing techniques to potentiate regional development.
  • We offer a study plan that is linked to graduate students and enterprises that provide the professional competencies that the market requires.
  • We have teachers with a wide professional experience that educate students with solid ethical and academic training within first-rate facilities.
  • We have laboratories that allow you to specialize in areas you find interesting like wine-testing, beverages, staff room, hosting and kitchens. Also, we have a piece of land in the winery fields of Viñedos Azteca, in Querétaro, for winemaking.
  • We have agreements with hotel-restaurant groups, chambers, and associations of tourism service providers, travel agencies, tour operators, passenger transportation companies, global distribution companies, and the touristic promotion chamber, where students complete their three periods of practical training so that they integrate theory into practice.
  • You will carry out a business program of tasks and cases where you will exercise and apply your knowledge of the current business environment, together with the program of professional practices with academic value, in a wide network of national and international organizations.
  • We promote research, the creation of research projects, and the study of languages, preparing the students competitively for the demanding international market, bringing them closer to other people and cultures in order to strengthen ties.
  • We keep the national certificate with the Consejo Nacional para la Calidad de la Educación Turística A.C. (National Council for the Quality of Tourism Education C.P.), (CONAET, Spanish acronym), as well as the certificate of educational quality at international level with the World Tourism Organization (W.T.O.); and the strategic relationship with the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, all of which contribute to the comprehensive training of our graduates.
  • You will take part in prima chair lectures, conferences, symposia, meetings with leaders, wine-tastings, as well as in a graduate’s link program.
  • We have a strategic alliance with Le Cordon Bleu
You have access to a dual-degree in the Queensland University, Australia in the following bachelor degrees:
  • Bacherlor Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Events Management
  • Bachelor of Leasure and Recreation Management
  • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
  • You will plan and conduct, with a strategic and comprehensive focus, the administration of touristic and/or services enterprises, taking into account the domestic and international scenarios.
  • You will put together and direct several social type events as product presentations, weddings, also congresses and conventions of public or private companies, organizations, and institutions.
  • You will coordinate land, air, and sea transportation services in specialized visitor flow companies.
  • You will design and coordinate products and services dedicated to the reception of tourists and the operation of tourist circuits.
  • You can be part of interdisciplinary teams for advice and monitoring of tourism investments, tourism promotion, and customer service.
  • You will analyze and evaluate several aspects of tourism management in order to propose improvement actions.
  • You can be part of work teams for the evaluation of services aimed at obtaining national and international quality and sustainability certificates.
  • You will design and organize new products of tourism experiences and strategies in line with the profile of the contemporary tourist.
  • You can be part of interdisciplinary teams in areas related to tourism planning, promotion of destinations, regulations, and monitoring of service providers.