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ABOUT Undergraduate Programme in Strategic Intelligence

Anáhuac graduates in strategic intelligence are professionals with ethical values and principles, high professional and technical qualities, and an outstanding intellectual and cultural level, as well as a calling to serve and a respectful attitude towards human dignity. These professionals also devote themselves to the positive progression of society through specific initiatives for the common good. Graduates care for the production of reliable and valuable data that, once turned into strategic intelligence, is essential to the detection and prevention of internal and external risks and menaces of politic, economic, social, technological, environmental, security, and defense nature. This data fosters efficient decision-making and proactive measures which benefit both private and public organizations, as well as society and the state altogether.
  • Because it is an avant-garde curriculum that combines technical excellence and adequate human and moral training so that the Anáhuac strategic intelligence agents effectively and responsibly offer services that are highly valued by society.
  • In the last two semesters, you will be able to opt for a specialty designed to face the main security challenges in a globalized world.
  • The hallmark of our graduates is the combination of theoretical and practical skills required to face insecurity problems with intelligence.
  • You will prevent and investigate crimes of high social impact.
  • You will produce financial intelligence.
  • You will manage crises.
  • You will design public policies against organized crime.
  • You will apply strategies to prevent crime and recompose the social fabric.
  • You will advise on the design of facilities protected with intelligent technologies.
  • You will provide highly specialized consulting services.
  • You will optimize non-intrusive monitoring and surveillance methods and techniques.
  • You will safeguard strategic facilities.
  • You will develop intelligence against cybercrime.