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Universidad Anáhuac graduates of the bachelor's degree program in Visual Arts are professionals with an international perspective and a sense of humanism in critical reflection. Building from their mastery of materials, techniques, and the formal disciplines of drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving and the digital arts, graduates create proposals in the field of plastic arts and, in so doing, contribute innovative resources. They are proactive leaders who interact with professionals from other fields of knowledge and guide groups in order to produce creative and innovative works both in public and private institutions. They promote aesthetics and cultural preservation, exalting the value of national or international identities in the field of visual arts.
  • By offering education with a comprehensive approach, we help develop positive leaders in action, that is, human beings with strong values and a sense of service to society.
  • We make the artists aware of the importance of promoting Mexican plastic art at the national and international levels.
  • Students blend their ability to perceive details in the surroundings with their knowledge and mastery of the formal, technological, technical, and multidisciplinary resources in the disciplines of drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, and new artistic languages to create artwork with a personal and aesthetic sense.
  • Our programs are focused on several areas of artistic production: from research and experimentation in the visual arts to dissemination and commercial endeavors. Working with state-of-the-art technology, students gain the skills they need to build an international career, open their galleries or auction houses, promote the arts, etc.
  • Courses also include art restoration, curating, marketing, business administration, museography, among others.
  • Our school promotes positive leadership and human values.
Graduates of the bachelor's degree program in visual arts are professionals with an international perspective who:
  • Apply their sense of humanism in reflecting on national and international realities.
  • Possess mastery over the theoretical and practical principles required for the development of creative proposals derived from their research in the field of art.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the techniques, materials, and formal processes of drawing, painting, engraving, sculpture, and new languages to create artwork (for example, digital artwork) using state-of-the-art resources.
  • Promueve y comercializa El arte a nivel nacional e internacional con El punto de vista artístico, museístico y curatorial.
  • Interact with professionals from other fields of knowledge within the applicable legal framework.
  • Promote and market art at the national and international levels, with an artistic, museum, and curatorial perspective.
  • Possess the ability to analyze and evaluate artwork for the cataloging of art pieces based on their knowledge of theoretical and aesthetic principles, themes, and visual grammar, taking applied semiotics and semantics as guiding posts.
  • Are prepared to start businesses or open art and cultural venues dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of art in the public and private sectors given their background knowledge in business administration and cultural management.