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Dra. Paulina Segarra Silva

Paulina Segarra Silva

Doctorado en Ciencias Administrativas, EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey.
MBA, EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey.
Licenciatura en Gastronomía y Artes Culinarias, Centro de Estudios Superiores de San Ángel.

Curriculum Vitae in English

Sus principales temas de investigación:

  Teoría Crítica,

  Desigualdad Económica Social,

  Liderazgo y Ética en los Negocios.

Algunas de sus publicaciones:

Segarra, P. & Prasad, A. (2020). Colonization, Migration, and Right-Wing Extremism: The Constitution of Embodied Life of a Dispossessed Undocumented Immigrant Woman. Organization, 27(1), 174-187.

Rodríguez-González, F. G. & Segarra, P. (2016). Measuring academic service performance for competitive advantage in tertiary education institutions: the development of the TEdPERF scale. International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, 13(2): 171-183.

Prasad, A., Segarra, P., & Villanueva, C. E. (2019). Academic life under institutional pressures for AACSB accreditation: Insights from faculty members in Mexican business schools. Studies in Higher Education, 44(9), 1605-1618.

Alvi, F., Prasad, A. & Segarra, P. (2019). The Political Embeddedness of Entrepreneurship in Extreme Contexts: The Case of the West Bank. Journal of Business Ethics, 157(1): 279-292.

Segarra, P. & Prasad, A. (2018). How does corporeality inform theorizing? Revisiting Hannah Arendt and the banality of evil. Human Studies, 41(4): 545-563.

Capítulos de libro
Segarra, P. & Centeno, A. The pursuit of a dream: Sharing stories from undocumented Latinx immigrants in the United States. Helms Mills, J. & Thurlow, A. (Eds.), Diversity and Business Storytelling. Bingley, UK: Emerald: (in press)

Segarra, P. & Villanueva, C. (2020). Inclusión de mujeres y adultos mayores en home office. In L.F. Llanos & Coronado, L. (Eds.), Home Office: La nueva revolución industrial. (pp. 59-77). España: Wolters Kluver.

Reseñas de libros
Segarra, P. (2019). Reseña de: M. Fotaki & N. Harding. Gender and the Organization: Women at Work in the 21st Century. Organization.

Prasad, A. & Segarra, P. (2019). Reseña de: Millar, K. Reclaiming the discarded: Life and labor on Rio’s garbage dump. Organization.

Segarra, P. (2019). Reseña de: P. Bloom & C. Rhodes, CEO Society: The corporate takeover of everyday life. Organization Studies.

Prasad, A. & Segarra, P. (2017). Academe under siege and the atrophy of today’s universities [Reseña de: T. Docherty, Universities at war]. ephemera: theory and politics in organization, 17(3): 257-262.

Algunos roles editoriales:
Revisora para revistas académicas como Business & Society, Organization, Human Relations, Management Learning, Management Research, Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management, Gender, Work & Organization, Journal of Business Ethics, entre otros.

Associate editor en Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management.

Miembro del editorial board del journal Organization.

Books reviews co-editor en el journal Gender, Work & Organization.

Resúmenes de congresos
2019 Nkomo, S., Syed, J., Tariq, M., Kazeroony, H., Prasad, A., Segarra, P., & Sidani, Y. Implications of Brexit and Trumpism for Ethnic Minority Migrants in the Workplace. Academy of Management Proceedings 2019 (1), 13228

2018 Prasad, A., Segarra, P., Villanueva, C. Academic life under institutional pressures for AACSB accreditation. Academy of Management Proceedings 2018 (1), 13025.

2017 Segarra, P. Towards thoughtful leadership through an Arendtian perspective. Academy of Management Proceedings 2017 (1), 14556.

2016  Segarra, P., Prasad, A. Theorizing and corporeality in organization studies. Academy of Management Proceedings 2016 (1), 10389.

2016 Segarra, P. & Prasad, A.  Banality of evil: Towards collapsing the boundary conditions between ontology and epistemology. In E. Muralidharan (Ed.), Paper Proceedings of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference. Edmonton, AB.

2018 Segarra, P. La responsabilidad de las empresas para erradicar la trata de personas. EGADE Ideas (30 de Julio).

2017 Segarra, P. How to address illegal immigration through a shared strategy. EGADE Ideas (8 de Julio).

2016     Segarra, P. & Prasad, A. How corruption is hurting Mexico City’s efforts to tackle air pollution. The Conversation US (5 de Mayo).

Reimpresión: Segarra, P. & Prasad, A. La corruption, facteur aggravant de la pollution de l’air à Mexico. The Conversation France (17 de Mayo).