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12th International Conference: Ethics Education, Sustainable Development and Integral Ecology 


Call for abstract


The 12th International Conference on Ethics Education will take place at Anahuac University North Campus in Mexico City, Mexico from June 19-21, 2024.


The objective is to bring together faculty members, researchers, and students to reflect on education in ethics, integral ecology and sustainability through dialogue and international collaboration. The conference will be organized by the International Association for Education in Ethics (IAEE) in cooperation with Anahuac University Mexico, Anahuac Center for Strategic Development in Bioethics, UNESCO Chair of Bioethics and Human Rights and Anahuac Universities Network.


Proposals (abstracts) for either oral presentations or posters at the Conference are welcome. Please submit your abstract for the International Conference on Ethics Education before March 31st, 2024, to: Dr. David Cerdio,

Participants who wish to submit their proposal must share their abstract (250-500 words, not including bibliography). 

Download Call for Abstract


Ethics education

Integral Ecology


Abstracts for oral presentations and posters:

To present either a poster or an oral presentation, you must submit an abstract of your work of around 250-500 words (not counting bibliography).

This must include: Name of the author/authors, Name of the tutor/tutors (if applicable), Affiliation, Title and the abstract.

Proposal can be sent either in Spanish or English.

The file must be saved and sent in PDF: registry name (last name_name), category-title. (E.G: Cerdio_Domínguez Oral Presentation-Integral Ecology).

  • Background
  • Aim/Purpose
  • Description of empirical methods and/or theoretical perspective
  • Results, outcomes and implications
  • Conclusions
  • Keywords: max. 4 keywords, separated by a semicolon
  • Arial 11 points
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • Ethics education
  • Integral Ecology
  • Sustainability
  • Please submit your abstract for the International Conference on Ethics Education before January 1st, 2024, to: Dr. David Cerdio,


    Oral presentation

    There will be a maximum 15-minutes time available for the oral presentation.

    Presentation must be developed with Microsoft PowerPoint® according to following guidelines:

  • Page: horizontal alignment
  • Dimension: standard – screen display 4:3
  • The file must be saved as: registry name (last name_name), category-title
  • (E.G: Cerdio_Domínguez Oral Presentation-Integral Ecology).


    Poster presentation

  • Posters will be projected. No printing support is necessary.
  • On the presentation day, the author responsible for the poster presentation must attend the location of the poster exhibition, according to previously scheduled time.
  • The oral presentation of posters is limited to 5 minutes (presentation) and 5 minutes (discussion).

    Acceptance resolution:

    After sending the abstract, the resolution will be reported by the academic committee within no more than four weeks. At this time, the participant will be informed of the steps to follow to send either their poster or their presentation.


    The submissions will be evaluated in a blinded and anonymous way, in order to avoid any kind of bias, based on the three main conference topics: ethics education, integral ecology, and sustainability.


    Scientific Comittee


    Prof. Leonardo de Castro

    Prof. Leonardo de Castro
    Phillipines University, IAEE President

    Prof. Henk ten Have

    Prof. Henk ten Have
    Duquesne University, IAEE Elect President

    Dr. David Cerdio Dominguez

    Dr. David Cerdio Dominguez

    Tel.: (55) 56 27 02 10 ext. 7634

    Dr. Alejandro Sánchez Guerrero

    Dr. Alejandro Sánchez Guerrero

    Tel.: (55) 56 27 02 10 ext. 7773

    Dr. Ignacio Ricaud Vélez

    Dr. Ignacio Ricaud Vélez


    Dra. Daniela Crane Molano

    Dra. Daniela Crane Molano