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About Us

Established as one of the best educational institutions nationwide, Anáhuac University was constructed in 1964 with the commitment of enhancing the human and social condition of men and women from Mexico and the world, through a comprehensive education.

With over 50 years

of educational experience Anáhuac University has integrated a network of universities that share the same educational model. Within the Mexican territory, there are eight universities. Our international universities include one in Spain, one in Chile, two in Italy, one in the United States.

Anáhuac Puebla University

Anáhuac University in Puebla started operations in 2003. Currently it has ten schools that host several innovative and internationally leading undergraduate, graduate and professional courses of study that prepares students to use analytical thinking, make trustworthy ethical decisions and become proactive leaders.

Business School, School of Communications, School of Engineering, School of Architecture and Design, School of Humanities, Law School, School of Psychology, School of Tourism and Gastronomy (le Cordon Bleu) the School of Medicine, and the School of International Relations

"Anahuac" literally means "near water". The central lakes region gave place to the Aztec capital: Tenochtitlan, the most populous and largest cultural development center of Central America.

Our University Slogan


("Overcome evil with good")

Our motto is taken from the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans (12-21) and is the synthesis of our educational philosophy.


To be a university that contributes to society through the pursuit of knowledge and education by a comprehensive instruction process, by which men and women inspired by the perennial values of Christian humanism, for their social awareness, and their cultural education at international levels will become positive action leaders.

Leadership of
positive action

Anáhuac University Puebla promotes proactive leadership with an international vision that contributes to the development and shaping of society in all its areas: political, social, economic and sports.

We are located in a very privileged region of Mexico, the city of Puebla. Settled only 80 miles from Mexico City and surrounded by the volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, Puebla is a metropolis with around 6 million inhabitants.

Puebla was founded in the colonial period. The heritage of the state is appreciated in its architecture, crafts, cuisine, and traditions. Puebla was named World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 1987.

The city is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and a volcanic belt. Its climate is delightful for almost all our visitors. With an average air temperature of 68°F the city offers a mild year-round climate, perfect to enjoy outdoor activities.

Puebla’s industrial sector includes automobile (Volkswagen, Audi etc.), textile, a various light manufacturing. Furthermore, its educational infrastructure has awarded Puebla international recognition and is considered one of the best in Latin America.

Finally, Puebla possesses a strategic and privileged location in which history and modernity fuse. With its beautiful monuments, natural scenery, enjoyable climate, modern communication systems and full scope of urban services, it offers one of the highest living standards in Mexico.

Undergraduate Programs

You will know our formative Anáhuac model, obtain attention personalized and a professional formation of international vanguard.


Read more   Architecture

Read more   Graphic Design

Read more   Industrial Design

Read more   Fashion Design


Ver   Communications

Ver   Management of Entertainment Companies


Ver   Laws


Ver   Industrial Engineering

Ver  Business Engineering Management

Ver   Mechatronics

Ver   Actuary


Ver   Medicine


Ver   Business Administration

Ver   Business Management

Ver   Marketing

Ver   International Business

Ver   Finance and Public Accounting


Ver   Psychology


Ver   Turismo Internacional

Ver   Gastronomía

**Reconocimiento formal de estudios por parte de Le Cordon Bleu Internacional


Ver   International Relations

Courses taught in english

FIN 2214 6 English Making and evaluation projects in tourism sector
ADM 2213 6 English  Strategic planning and management
ADM 2210 6 English Entrepreneurship in tourism
ADM 2209 6 English Coaching for tourism
REI 3301 6 English North America
ECO 3301 6 English Economic Globalization
ADM 2304 6 English human capital management (on-line)
IND 4302 6 English Supply Chain Management II
IIND 3202 6 English Decision Analysis
ADM 2228 6 English leadership in communication
INV 3309 6 English Content analysis methodology
ADM 3328 6 English directing and managing companies in the entertainment sector
ADM 4324 6 English Case studies in communication and Entertainment
DIS 2204 6 English  trends in Design
DIS 2238 6 English Editorial production
FIN 2215 6 English Investment projects valuation
FIN 3309 6 English Investment projects valuation
ADM 3322 3 English Business English
MER 4307 6 English International marketing
NEI 4304 6 English International business cases
NEI 4305 6 English Negociation and intercultural management
FIN 4309 6 English Finance planning
NEI 3309 6 English US and Canada business
FIN 2214 6 English Leadership in psychology
PSI 3322 6 English   proyective technique workshop
PSI 3315 6 English Counceling and  family therapy
PSI 4311 6 English codes for the professional in psychology

If you also believe in an authentic leadership, Anáhuac University is for you.

Anáhuac Puebla´s student life is very active. We offer different clubs and activities for students with different interests.

Excellence program, VÉRTICE Anáhuac

Excellence Program for the formation of the best students, those whose high student achievement and leadership qualities occupy key positions in society and be able to positively transform society.

The program composed of 80 students with high academic achievement, chosen from all majors for his talent and brainpower. They participate in a set of comprehensive training oriented, so that they learn to reason with rigor and develop to the fullest all their abilities or their leadership potential activities

Volunteerism ASUA, Social Action of the Anahuac University (Social Commitment Program)

ASUA (Acción Social Universidad Anáhuac) It is a student body of high social commitment for the comprehensive training of students which promotes the development of genuine social awareness, based on universal values and promotes leadership and service to others through concrete actions.

IMPULSA is the Leadership Program in Social Commitment, aimed at fostering professionalism in Social Commitment projects. This program helps students develop the necessary skills that allow them to influence the reality of Mexico and the world through the design, expansion and management of sustainable social projects and companies, resulting in true leaders and social entrepreneurs.

The Business Leadership Program of Universidad Anáhuac seeks to deepen the entrepreneurial potential of its members through a global vision, ethics and commitment to society.
Genera's mission is to develop integral, socially responsible business leaders that are internationally competitive.

“At Anáhuac University we know how to win, but especially we know how to compete”

“Higher, faster, stronger...”

We strongly promote sports among our University community in order to improve health habits, discipline, and healthy competition, through our different campus facilities, qualified coaches, sport programs, and sport clubs.

Sports include: Basketball; Quick soccer men's and women; Football soccer men's and women; men's and women´s tennis; mixed volleyball; Chess; Tochito flag; Rugby, Taekwondo.


Anáhuac Student Residences

We offer on campus accommodation to foreign university students, with an extensive program of activities that allow students to develop and achieve true personal independence. Application form


  • Single: Room with single bed, play bed, closet, desk, semi-executive chair, bookcase, bathroom, kitchen and mini-fridge.
  • Double: Two separate rooms with single bed, play bed, closet, desk, semi-executive chair and bookseller. Living room with armchairs, shared bathroom and kitchen. Individual mini-fridge
  • Triple: Three separate rooms with single bed, play bed, closet, desk, semi-executive chair and bookseller. Shared bathroom and kitchen. Individual mini-fridge.

Included services in quotes:

  • Surveillance and security 24/7
  • Wireless Internet.
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance

Extra services:

  • Cable television
  • Cultural trips and recreation

Common areas:

  • Living room.
  • Study rooms.
  • Game room.
  • TV room.
  • Laundry.
  • Parking lot.
  • Reception.
  • Direct access to campus

For More information on Campus residences, please contact:
Lic. Lisset Hernández Jiménez
Skype: 222-699-56-47

International Students

Requirements for international students at Anahuac University

Exchange students coming from international institutions that have an academic agreement with Anahuac University of Puebla or from any other universities must submit the following documents along with the application format to Anáhuac Puebla International Office. Download formats

With this application form:

1. Copia de pasaporte/Passport copy

2. Historial académico/Academic Transcript

3. Póliza de seguro o carta compromiso de contratación de seguro una vez el alumno sea admitido/ Insurance Policy or compromise letter of contracting insurance once the student is admitted.

4. Language proficiency (only if the native language is not Spanish).

At the arrival at our university the exchange students must submit the following documents at the International office:

1. Copy migratory form checking as type of trip: other; Maximum stay 180 days: Visitor with unpaid activity, if the exchange lasts 1 semester (less than 180 days).

2. Copy of the STUDENT TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA (the procedure must take place in advance at the Mexican Consulate in the home country).

All documents must be sent by courier or email, not by normal post to the following address:

Universidad Anáhuac Puebla

Coordinación de Internacionalización

Calle Orión Norte s/n, Col. La Vista Country Club

San Andrés Cholula, Puebla. C.P. 72810

Tel. +52 (222) 169 10 69 ext. 227

Deadline for document submission

Semester to be studied at UAP Deadline
Fall semester ( August-December) Second week of May
Spring semester (January-June) Second week of November


Foreigners who come to Mexico to study and whose stay is longer than 180 days must process their temporary resident visa before their arrival in Mexico. This procedure must be done at the Mexican Consulate in the home country. Another requirement to enter Mexico is to present an invitation letter or admission letter from the host university. Students must also prove economic solvency to cover, accommodation and living expenses. In the event of any change in the place of residence, students must immediately notify the INM; submit a copy of the notification authorized by INM at the Academic Exchange Programs Office and provide the university with the new information such as home address, phone number, e-mail and others.

Download our factsheet