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Comportamiento del consumidor de actividades culturales y consumo de artesanías en México antes, durante y después de la pandemia por covid-19

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Guillermo A. Zamacona-Aboumrad, Karla Barajas-Portas
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This paper seeks to examine the behavior of the consumers of cultural activities in Mexico and make a comparison with the behavior of crafts consumers in the same country. Furthermore, it seeks to define differences between the profiles of consumers of cultural goods and services. Knowing the characteristics of craft consumers helps to define programs aimed at improving consumption practices and promoting the participation of society in such activities. The methodology deployed includes structural equations modeling (pls-sem) to develop the consumption willingness model, considering the activities and consumption patterns before the pandemic as background, and how the pandemic modified them. Likewise, a multi-group analysis of the different socio-demographic characteristics is introduced in order to discuss the profile of the consumer of crafts and that of cultural consumers. Results show behavioral differences between both profiles, which serve as a parameter for new public policies and communication and marketing strategies to promote consumption within this sector, which was considerably affected during the covid-19 pandemic. The main limitation of this study is its scope of application —the context of the covid-19 pandemic—, which raises questions and, simultaneously, shows the possible directions of future studies on the subject.