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Innovation in Knowledge-Intensive Businesses: A Collaborative Approach for Post-pandemic Recovery (CAPÍTULO)

Autor/es Anáhuac
Ananya Rajagopal
Año de publicación
Journal o Editorial

Emerging markets have seen an increase in knowledge-intensive firms, challenging the established paradigm of traditional market dynamics. The core success factor of these firms is based on professional knowledge of the business processes of contemporary companies rather than profit-oriented traditional organizations. The first stage of the research proposes a conceptual approach, based on evolution in the theory of organization and Schumpeter’s theory of economic development, which intends to contribute significantly to the existing literature by linking innovation, knowledge-sharing, and value propositions perceived by stakeholders and consumers in emerging markets. The next stage is based on the context of post-pandemic economic recovery. This study develops and proposes a conceptual model that examines how knowledge-intensive firms are evolving to cope-up with the global pandemic. At the same time, organizations are linking knowledge foundations with the identified risks and issues in reference to economic recovery by developing innovative business practices.