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Kapter: pursuing innovation and competitive advantage in the Mexican B2B ecosystem

Autor/es Anáhuac
Víctor H. Valdés-Cervantes, Pável Reyes-Mercado
Año de publicación
Journal o Editorial
Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies

Learning outcomes: The learning outcomes are as follows: to assess the competitive position of a small business-to-business (B2B) company to remain competitive in a developing country; to identify and shape the business opportunity that represents serving small and medium enterprises that would lead to competitive positioning in the B2B environment; and to compare innovation and commercialization projects through strategic dimensions related to managing a technology company in a way that fosters business profitability and growth. Case overview/Synopsis: Margarita Kaplun, founder and CEO of Kapter, a small company providing country-wide technical and consultant services on thermography to industrial hubs in Mexico, had positioned the company as a reputed provider. However, the company had experienced razor-thin margins. Margarita needs to decide whether they pursue the following grant to fund a project on technology development that will source the competitive position or pursue a commercial project that help them achieve a larger customer base to reap higher income. Complexity academic level: The case is oriented for an undergraduate audience, attending entrepreneurship, innovation and industrial organization courses. It depicts issues of technology-based entrepreneurship and is suitable for students in business, management and engineering. Supplementary materials: Teaching notes are available for educators only. Subject code: CSS 11: Strategy.