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New 2, 5-aromatic disubstituted pyrroles, prepared using diazonium salts procedures

Autor/es Anáhuac
María E. Sánchez-Vergara
Año de publicación
Journal o Editorial
Journal of Molecular Structure

In this work, we have prepared new derivatives of the 2, 5 -aromatic disubstituted pyrrole. Fullerene and ferrocene were used as substituent fragments. These compounds are chemically different, however all of them withdraw electronic charge from the aromatic ring in which they are supported; as a result all the derivatives exhibit semiconductor behaviour. We describe the preparation of these species, and also characterize all of the new compounds. DFT calculations were carried out in order to establish the source of electronic behaviour and to make comparisons between the experimental results. The Kubelka-Munk method indicates that the fullerene compound is a low band gap semiconductor, thus we used this material to prepare thin films. The films were characterized and their optoelectronic behaviour was evaluated.