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SOA Student Case Study Challenge

University students of all ages are invited to participate in teams of 2-5 students from the same university. This is a great opportunity for students to work in teams to solve complex, real-world-like business problems. Participating students from previous years report that this has given them an advantage in the interviewing process and applying for grad school.



Listen to the podcast of the 2021 challenge winners to hear about the students’ experience, see the 2021 winning submissions, and learn more here: 

Podcast: 2021 challenge winners



For more information, follow the link to the SOA 2022 student research case study web page: 

SOA 2022



Read the official rules of the SOA Student Research Case Study Challenge and complete the intention form by Sunday, March 6, 2022.

Final submissions are due by 8:00PM U.S. Central Standard Daylight Time on Friday, March 25, 2022.

Any questions or clarifications on these rules should be directed to the SOA via email to