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Exchange Program Definition
Traditional Process in which the visiting student from a foreign school, chooses one of the institutions from the Anahuac University of Cancun partnership list as an exchange program.
Summer Exchange opportunity for students in the summer.


  • A request form for exchange or mobility with commitment letter duly filled and signed.
  • 1 color photo 2.5” x 3.5” inches (6.35cm x 8.89cm) attached to the request form.
  • File procedure’s payment receipt and “No financial debt” letter. In the case of Mobility, specify the valid insurance payment for medical expenses covering the mobility period.
  • Learning Agreement completed and duly signed by the career’s coordinator.
  • Official Academic background from School Services with completion percentage (minimum of 35%).


The student must have:

  • Coursed a minimum of 35% of the program’s credits for undergraduates in which he or she is matriculated and having coursed a minimum of three semesters at the university of origin in the case of applying to a semester.
  • Accredited a minimum of 20% of the total credits for undergraduates and have coursed a minimum of two semesters in case of applying for a summer or winter program.
  • A minimum GPA of 7.5 (seven point five) or any other minimum stated by the exchange agreement. NONE of the following academic standards is accepted: Academic probation, expulsion, English-related conditioning, English-related suspension, RALUA’s (Anahuac University’s Career Undergraduates’ Rulebook) article 66 dispensation or banning.
  • Have accredited English language’s level 5 and that this is shown on the SIU If the courses at the University of destination are applied in English.
  • Accredited the English level shown on the RALUA’s 55 article will be enough if the University of destination speaks Spanish. In case of the courses being taught in any other language different from Spanish or English, the student must comply with the language level requested by the institution.
  • Been accepted by both Universities as an academic exchange candidate. Having paid the corresponding process fee. Anahuac University’s Undergraduates’ Exchange Rulebook (RIALUA) 103.
  • A medical insurance with international coverage which applies for Death, Transferring and Repatriation of mortal remains.
  • A valid passport for up to six months after their program and obtained a student visa which allows the legal residence in the country where the studies will be carried out (foreign exchange).
  1. Exchange request with authorization format, acceptance letter and medical insurance commitment duly filled in by machine or with clear block letters. (Any request that does not have the signature of the Parent or Guardian) will not be accepted for any reason.
  2. 1 child size photograph attached to the application.
  3. Receipt of exchange procedure payment.
  4. Non-debit letter issued by Box with original seal.
  5. Official academic history of School Services with progress percentage.
  6. Learning Agreement or Study Agreement prepared by the student and authorized and signed by the School Coordinator.
  7. The last three bank statements that prove sufficient solvency to UAC to cover the student's stay abroad.
  8. If possible, Application completed from destination university.
  9. For Walt Disney World and Central Michigan University: Electronic CV and Cover Letter sent in a timely manner.
  10. Copy of Mexican or other valid Passport for up to 6 months after the end of the total duration of the stay abroad.
  11. If possible: Completed destination application, in some cases only after nominating the student officially, it has the possibility of accessing the destination platform to request exchange.
  1. Attend the informational meeting.
  2. Check in the Anahuac Cancun page the destination universities.
  3. Choose your destination university.
  4. Compare your curriculum with that of the university you chose.
  5. Consult with your Director / School Coordinator to evaluate subjects between both curricula.
  6. Deliver the necessary documents to the Exchange Coordination.
  7. Process your passport or Visa if necessary
  8. Enjoy your exchange!


  • Request form filled and signed. Link to visitor’s request form.
  • Essay in Spanish (one-page minimum, Times New Roman 12, free topic).
  • Last official grade registry obtained at the University of origin.
  • Medical Insurance photocopy.
  • Copy of the valid passport with an expiration date for up to 6 months after the exchange program’s termination date.
  • Copy of the medical insurance’s policy with coverage in Mexico for the complete duration of the visit.
  • Foreign students: insurance for major medical expenses with international coverage which applies for death, transferring and repatriation of the remains (validity for the complete visit must be clearly shown and stated).
  • Mexican students must prove having an insurance for major medical expenses with national coverage (validity must be clearly shown and stated).