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The International Student Support Center gives our national and international students advice, support, orientation and guidance to make their stay at our University and in Cancun a constructive and pleasant one; same as to ensure their well-being. For more information, contact Maria Elena Carrasco (998)8817750 Ext. 156

The International Student Support team helps students choose from a range of housing options based on their budget and personal preferences.


Taxi Naranja is a safe-ride service that has access to our installations. You can easily download their app on your smart phone and book a cab whenever you need to.

The University offers additional services independent to the institution to ensure that the students will live a unique experience in Cancun.


In case you have a medical emergency, you can contact Dr. Cristina Hernández. Know you will always be attended if you ever get sick or injured while in Cancun. The consultation will be an additional charge; this is not included in the tuition fee.


Residence within walking distance of the university campus, where students can accommodate at a certain cost. The University is not responsible for this independent housing arrangement; however, we have a pedestrian access to the house.


There are many fair price options to launder your clothes in Cancun.


Supermarkets now have web pages and apps, making it easy to have your groceries delivered right to your door.