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Engineering Management


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The Business Engineer is a professional capable of preparing diagnoses, identifying problems, designing solutions and executing comprehensive proposals for action, where the human (socio-cultural) and natural (ecological) dimensions can be addressed simultaneously in the scope of business processes, strategic planning and business management, through the use of different process engineering, administration and leadership tools, with the use and application of cutting-edge information technologies and applications in order to achieve the business results expected by the company, under the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility.

Applicants for a degree in Business Engineering must present the following knowledge, skills and attitudes; as well as having completed their High School level studies:

  • Solve problems through numerical, graphical, analytical or variational methods.
  • Interpret boards, graphs, maps, diagrams and texts with mathematical and scientific language.
  • Identify problems, ask scientific questions and propose hypotheses necessary to answer them.
  • Solve everyday problems with the use of the scientific method.
  • Establish the relationship between the political, economic, cultural and geographic dimensions of an event.
  • Analyze the reliability of sources in a critical and justified way.
  • Analyze and solve ethical problems in your daily life.
  • Discuss your point of view in public accurately, consistently, precisely, consistently and creatively.
  • Use information and communication technologies to investigate, solve problems, produce material and transmit information.


Graduation Profile

As a Business Engineer, you will learn the following:

·         Make decisions at senior management level in a company, whether in the production or services field, by applying engineering knowledge.

·         Develop new businesses, products, and services, relying on a robust technological, financial, and human planning base, with a comprehensive and systemic view of the company.

·         Analyze and interpret data to offer solutions, plan and solve various business situations, using and developing critical thought.

·         Deal with challenges for the sustainable progress of the companies, both in México and in other countries.

Knowledge Areas

Knowledge Areas of Engineerig Management

  • Basic Sciences
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Applied Engineering
  • Project and staying in technological companies
  • Management
  • Anahuac
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Professional electives





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