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International Hotel Management

1.-Why study International Hotel Management at Anahuac Cancun University?

  • Anahuac Cancun University is an international campus with students from more than 30 different countries.
  • You will receive classes from international professors, top lecturers and industry leaders.
  • You will obtain a dual degree, one from Anahuac University and a European degree from Le Cordon Bleu de Paris.
  • Our campus is located in the most important tourist and hotel destination in Latin America. This destination won the 2018 World Travel Awards in the Latin American Category for Best Beach Destination, Best Business Travel Destination, Best Visitors’ and Conventions Office, so you will complete your internships with leaders in the industry.
  • Cancun was chosen by Forbes magazine as the “Best city in Mexico for doing business” due to its air connectivity, hotel infrastructure, and gastronomic offerings.
  • Cozumel is the most visited cruise ship port in the world.

2.- Do you have the potential to have a degree in International Hotel Management?

  • Are you passionate about meeting people from other countries?
  • Are you interested in interacting with top hotel managers?
  • Do you like to learn different languages and other cultures?

3.- What will you do with a Bachelor of Science in International Hotel Management?

As a graduate in International Hotel Management, you will:
  • Implement and direct operational management of hotels and resorts.
  • Create, propose and evaluate investment projects by detecting the market needs of the hotel and hospitality industry market.
  • Create strategic guidelines for consolidating a hotel business.
  • Innovate hotel management processes.
  • Formulate proposals for creating new tourism and hospitality service companies.

4.- Where can you work?

  • Highly prestigious hotel chains.
  • Government tourist offices.
  • Development of sustainable projects in the hotel industry.
  • Hospital administration and executive management.
  • Cruise lines.
  • Management and organization of congresses and conventions.
  • Eco-tourism companies.
  • Theme parks.
  • Casino management.

5.- What positions?

  • Hotel Director.
  • General Manager.
  • Hotel Administrative Manager
  • Director of the Tourism Administration Council.
  • International Hotel CEO.
  • Secretary of Tourism.
  • Tourism Director.
  • Other important positions in a hotel or tourist company.

Graduate Profile

The Anahuac University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in International Hotel Management is a professional in search of the truth. He or she has been molded by international academic parameters, standards of social commitment, and human and ethical values. He is able to recognize the needs of the hotel industry, and is capable of communicating and offering solutions that foster innovation and competition in hotel and hospitality industry development - all of which is achieved by understanding the global market based on a strategic, multicultural and human focus. He is a professional with an entrepreneurial vision of sustainable and social leadership in line with the highest standards of quality, productivity and professionalism. The graduate always strives to anticipate market needs and competition, offering an ongoing attitude of service and commitment to the expected results and a strong capacity to work as a team.