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Academic Office of Integral Formation - DAFI

Elective Stream of Integral Formation

The subjects of the Anahuac Elective Stream (BEA, for its Spanish acronym) complement your professional and humanistic formation as an Anahuac university student by offering the following courses. Don't forget to check the subjects offered each semester. Remember that you can obtain a Diploma by completing two courses and one workshop from the following catalog:


Nazism, art, cinema and propaganda

Learn how mass media was used during Nazism to convince people of an ideology that turned out to be detrimental to humanity.

  1. Context of anti-Semitism
  2. Historical overview of the Holocaust
  3. Propaganda
  4. Art
  5. Nazi cinema
Man and postmodernity

Research the characteristics of man in today's world, as well as what great thinkers of our time share.

  1. Context of postmodernity
  2. Cultural movement of the mid-twentieth century
  3. Subsequent conflicts
  4. Postmodernity
  5. Future challenges
Geopolitics and humanism

In-depth study of the current state of international politics and their potential impact on humanity and on us

  1. Geopolitics
  2. The first half of the 20th century
  3. Second half of the 20th century
  4. The arrival of the 21st century
  5. The first 20 years of the 21st century
  6. Future projections
Thinking after Auschwitz

After the concentration camps, the world changed. Learn what the great thinkers from then until today have said about the human being.

  1. The global situation in the first half of the 20th century and the world wars
  2. The critical view and persecution of thinkers during the war period
  3. Post-barbaric criticism
Death and its transcendent meaning

Study on what the great thinkers say about death and why it is claimed that man transcends it

  1. The question of death
  2. The origin of the cult of the dead
  3. Death as a human problem
  4. Man in the face of death
  5. The transcendent vision of death in major religions
  6. Death in Christianity
Superheroes in our culture

How superhero values impact today's society

  1. The origin of superheroes
  2. Superheroes in the media
  3. The revival of superheroes
  4. Superheroes, from the page to the screen
Person and social media

You will analyze the phenomenon of social media with strategies aimed at the full development of the individual to promote a real encounter in the great human community.

  1. Approach to social media
  2. Person and technology
  3. Encounters on social media 


Professional ethical dilemmas

Study of complex cases where the ethical way to solve them is researched

  1. Ethics and social doctrine of the Church
  2. Ethics and business
  3. Ethics and salaries
  4. Ethics and profit management
  5. Promotion and development through work
  6. Legal conflicts in Mexico
  7. Ethics in asset management.
Value-based leadership

Provide strategies and a value model that can inspire effective leadership

  1. Leadership
  2. Leadership and the individual
  3. Leadership towards the greater good
  4. Qualities of value-based leadership
  5. Leadership and strategy
Management profile with human leadership

Humanistic principles for managers who want to make an impact with their leadership are analyzed

  1. Creative collaboration
  2. Substantiated denial
  3. Effective communication
  4. Solving comprehensive problems
  5. Decision-making in an ethical framework
  6. Ethical resource planning and optimization
Family businesses

Learn strategies for family businesses to endure over time and to grow in harmony among family members 

  1. Nature and importance of the family business
  2. The three-circle model
  3. Parallel planning process
  4. Family commitment
  5. Family participation
  6. Family succession
  7. The board of directors in family businesses
  8. Assessment of the company's strategic potential
  9. Business strategies
Person and action: leader with integrity

Learn the fundamentals of the person, as well as their possibilities for acting to exercise leadership effectively

  1. The person as the end and project of life
  2. Leader action, being with others
  3. Integral formation
  4. Formation as transformation
  5. The leader with integrity: trainer of trainers
  6. Challenges and outlook of today's leader.
Creative problem solving

Tools and strategies to find effective solutions to diverse problems.

  1. Creativity
  2. The creative profile
  3. Creative problem solving
  4. Individual creativity
  5. Group creativity
  6. Innovation
  7. Application in products and services
Leadership and Heroism in The Lord of the Rings

An examination of the great values that drive the human being in J.R.R. Tolkien's literary work.

  1. Introduction to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien
  2. The Hobbit
  3. The Lord of the Rings
  4. Other works
  5. The contribution of Tolkien's work to our times
Key skills for employment

You will have a clear vision of the skills to obtain a good job as a graduate of our university community

  1. Soft skills for employment
  2. Critical thinking and problem solving
  3. Assertive communication
  4. Persuasion and negotiation
  5. Personal and professional motivation
  6. Time management
Effective incorporation into the labor world

You will learn the processes to effectively and successfully join the professional and working world.

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. High-impact resume
  3. Creating my personal brand
  4. Job interviews
  5. The search for a job
  6. Basic SAT (tax agency) concepts


Persona e inteligencia emocional
Emotional intelligence

Workshop that provides tools for self-knowledge of emotions.

  1. What is emotional intelligence
  2. Handling emotions
  3. Education of emotions applied to one’s children
  4. Educación de la inteligencia aplicada a la educación
  5. Remedies for intelligent emotional education
Forgiveness in violent times

Study of the causes of violence and how to overcome them to transcend to forgiveness

  1. The dehumanizing barbarities of our times
  2. Theories about violence
  3. Anthropology of violence
  4. Psychology of violence
  5. The possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation
Person and resilience

Tools and strategies to achieve strength and know oneself better

  1. What is resilience?
  2. Situations faced by resilience
  3. Resilience in the family
  4. Strategies for cultivating resilience
  5. Resilience and hope
Assertive communication

You will learn what assertive communication is about to be able to exercise it in your daily life and with it, be able to achieve a higher level of success in reaching objectives.

  1. Fundamentals of assertive communication
  2. The keys to communication
  3. Active and empathic listening
  4. Assertive communication and body in harmony
  5. Emotion and communication
  6. Non-verbal communication techniques
  7. Constructive negotiation and settlement of disputes
  8. Communication in difficult situations
  9. Practice and role plays
  10. Building trust in communication
  11. Effective communication in interpersonal relations
  12. Communication skills for the future
  13. Communication and strength
  14. Communication and mental health
Affectivity and sexuality

You will learn the importance of body language and its forms, as well as the characteristics of the love language that will help you to lead a relationship with greater security and maturity.

  1. Person as an encounter being
  2. Affectivity and dynamism of the heart
  3. The body as an expression of affection
  4. The sexual revolution, history and the present
  5. Loving with the body
  6. Loving much and loving well
Discovering the self within me

You will get a better understanding of yourself, as well as of the elements that make up the human personality, to work on them and become a better version of yourself.

  1. Self-esteem
  2. Communication
  3. Strengths
  4. Life project
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Emotions
  8. Anxiety, irritability and stress
  9. Emotional well-being, strengths
  10. Addictions


Talmudic Practices for Today's Jew

Study of the wisdom of the people of Israel as embodied in the Talmud. Knowledge of Hebrew is required.

  1. The sacred texts of Judaism
  2. The chain of tradition
  3. Self-knowledge
  4. The mitzvot
Judaism, life cycle

Holidays, customs, beliefs and richness of life in Judaism

  1. Judaism, a revealed religion
  2. The birth of Judaism
  3. Ceremonies and the beginning of adulthood
  4. Marriage and family
  5. Ritual purity
  6. Death, bereavement and dying
History of the Holocaust

Learn about the series of regrettable events before, during and after the genocide perpetrated during World War II against the Jewish community.

  1. History of anti-Semitism
  2. Nazism
  3. Aryanization
  4. The evolution of extermination
  5. Parallel events
  6. The end of the war
The Jewish holidays, the sanctification of time
  1. God reveals himself to man
  2. The dignity of human life in Judaism
  3. The bar mizwa
  4. Religious festivities
  5. The chatunah in Judaism
  6. The Kashrut
  7. Death and the laws of mourning


Dignity of the human body

Deepening of the characteristics of the human being to establish a shared dignity through respect and understanding.

  1. Reductionism of corporeality in the modern age
  2. Anthropological dimension
  3. Sexuality and transcendence
  4. Meaning and purpose of the body
Courtship, engagement and marriage

Examination of the characteristics of human love, courtship and its stages, as well as the importance of engagement towards the eventual arrival of marriage.

  1. Courtship and marriage today
  2. Courtship and marriage as values of the person
  3. Human sexuality
  4. Infatuation vs. love between a man and a woman
  5. Important elements to consider during courtship
  6. The life project
Preventing addictions

In this workshop, you will learn about the importance of prevention, what is an addiction, and values that help to give meaning to life and to lead a life in freedom and fullness from self-knowledge and self-regulation.

  1. Addictions
  2. Drugs
  3. Meaning of life, freedom
  4. Self-regulation
  5. Values
  6. Self-knowledge
Couples relationship and life

Characteristics of the couple and its stages, how to understand each other better and be able to grow together.

  1. Elements that make up a couple
  2. Human needs of bonding in a couple
  3. Conflict in a couple's life as a driver of personal growth
  4. Intimacy, power and boundaries in the couple
  5. Process and evolution of the couple
  6. Courtship
  7. Values of a couple's relationship
  8. Communication as a couple
  9. Selected topics of life as a couple
Family, challenges and outlook
  1. Challenges of the family today
  2. The family as a natural institution
  3. Gender ideology
  4. Public policies and family
  5. Role of the family in the formation and consolidation of individuals
  6. The university commitment
Family-Work balance
  1. Human being
  2. Complementarity
  3. Maternity and paternity
  4. Family-Work balance
  5. Humanization in the company


Sacred Art

Knowledge of the periods, authors, characteristics and tools for the interpretation of sacred art

  1. Sacred art
  2. Liturgy and sacred art
  3. History and geography of liturgy
  4. Liturgical communication and its structural elements in Mexico
  5. Sacred art at the service of liturgy in Mexico
Black legends of the Catholic Church

Learn the history of the Church moments that have become famous and find out what really happened.

  1. Introduction to black legends
  2. The Crusades
  3. The Holy Inquisition
  4. Alexander VI
  5. Evangelization in America
  6. Vatican Dynasties
  7. The Galileo case
  8. Pius XII and the black legend
  9. The treasures of the Church
  10. The Da Vinci Code
Knowing the Old Testament
  1. General notions and biblical methodology
  2. Geographical, historical and literary overview of the Bible
  3. The great books
  4. The prophets
  5. The wise
  6. Relevance of the Bible for the contemporary world
Christianity and contemporary ethics
  1. Origin of the Christian message
  2. The ethical message of Christianity
  3. Man and happiness
  4. Human acts
  5. Moral law
  6. Person and moral conscience
  7. Vices, human and Christian virtues
  8. Love as the path to perfection and happiness
Jesus Christ, the true story
  1. Christology
  2. Jesus in the New Testament
  3. Man and happiness
  4. The Beatitudes
  5. Jesus Christ and parables
  6. Jesus Christ, middle and end of the story
Theology of the body
  1. Family crisis in the world today
  2. John Paul II and his work on the family
  3. Catechesis on human love
  4. An adequate anthropology
  5. Human love in JPII
  6. The nuptial significance of the body
  7. Man and woman
  8. Chastity and virginity as expressions of love
  9. Professionals called to the love of God