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12 May 2017 / 17:40 hrs
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Strategic Lines and Objectives

After thoroughly thinking about the institutional Mission and after considering the external surrounding and the internal situation of Anahuac University Mexico, the following strategic lines and objectives are proposed in order to achieve the Vision established for the year 2020 for both campuses, north and south.

1. Comprehensive instruction for everyone.
Delve into our understanding and actions in the following areas: comprehensive instruction, social commitment, leadership and values, and their link with academic life.

2. Integration of the community at Anahuac University Mexico.
Build a live university community, committed to its Catholic identity, to social responsibility, and to continuous improvement in the academic, administrative and communication areas, while having a responsible, sharp, effective government that promotes talent.

3. Consolidation of Anahuac as a leading presence in the metropolitan area of Mexico City.
Have two excellent campuses with a varied, relevant and innovating education offer for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Offer a new concept in continuous education and in extension programs.

4. Deepening and improving the Anahuac educational model.
Maximize academic quality achieved by providing thorough and specialized academic offerings, recognizing and developing the essential role of Anahuac faculty members and their innovating contributions to this educational model.

5. Strategic liaison with productive and social sectors.
Reinforce strategic alliances with our alumni and with organizations of the productive, public and social sectors, making our students develop in a relevant, innovating, entrepreneurial and international educational environment.

6. Research with social impact.
Develop a research culture related to our mission and to innovation, which is properly disseminated and allows the instruction of researchers.

7. Internationalization.
Consolidate internationalization as part of the institutional culture, including the teaching-learning process and research.

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