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Welcome to Universidad Anahuac Mexico

This page provides, in a single site, the most frequently sought information about Universidad Anahuac Mexico, to facilitate quick consultation of all interested parties, such as all members of the university community.

Bienvenidos a nuestra Universidad

Introductory video

Campus Norte

North Campus

Corporate identity: Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores, S.C.
Address: Av. Universidad Anáhuac 46, Col. Lomas Anáhuac. C.P. 52786, Huixquilucan, Estado de México.
Telephone: +52 (55) 5627-0210

Campus Sur

South Campus

Corporate identity: Universidad Anáhuac del Sur, S.C.
Address: Av. de las Torres 131, Col. Olivar de los Padres. C.P. 01780, Ciudad de México.
Telephone: +52 (55) 5628-8800


Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate programs offer students a comprehensive education based on five formative dimensions: professional, intellectual, human, social and spiritual. In the Anahuac Educational Model 2025, these five dimensions are developed through a tripartite curricular structure, based on the Anahuac, interdisciplinary and professional blocks.              

 Undergraduate course, program, and degree offerings  
 Program catalog (in Spanish)              
 Program length              
 Degrees, diplomas and certificates              
 Undergraduate admission requirements and procedures              
 Requirements for credit transfer               
 Graduation policies 
 Faculty members (in Spanish)              
 Undergraduate student fee calculator (in Spanish)              

Graduate programs

Universidad Anáhuac México offers 100 postgraduate programs leading to professional specialties, master’s and doctoral degrees, aimed at professionals interested in advancing professionally, conducting research and occupying leadership positions in the companies in which they work.              

 Graduate course, program, and degree offerings              
 Program catalog (in Spanish)              
 Program length              
 Degrees, diplomas and certificates              
 Graduate admission requirements and procedures for international students              
 Requirements for credit transfer  
 Graduation policies  
 Faculty members (in Spanish)              
 Research (in Spanish)

Continuing education

 Professional and continuing education

Anahuac Online

 Online programs (In Spanish)             
 Online degrees, diplomas and certificates

Financial information

 Scholarships and Student Loans Regulations for Undergraduate Students              
 Cost and refund policies  
 Scholarships for Undergraduate Programs (in Spanish)             
 Undergraduate Program Financing (in Spanish)             
 Undergraduate costs (in Spanish)              
 Undergraduate student fee calculator(In Spanish)              
 Graduate program financing              
 Graduate partial scholarship/discount program (In Spanish)    

Learning technologies and resources

 Library services (in Spanish)              
 Digital Library (in Spanish)              
 Technology support services (in Spanish)              
 Multimedia Space for Digital Innovation/EMID (in Spanish)              
 Anahuac Intranet/SIU (in Spanish)              
 University Services (in Spanish)              
 Anahuac Mexico Systems/SUAS (in Spanish)              
 Anahuac Software (in Spanish)

Major policies affecting students

 Diversity Statement         
 Anahuac regulatory compendium         
 Anahuac code of ethics and social responsibility (In Spanish)              
 Regulations for students in undergraduate programs  
 Regulations for students in on-campus graduate programs  
 Regulations for students in online graduate programs  
 Grievance and complaint procedures              
 Code of Conduct of Universidad Anahuac Mexico              
 Academic dishonesty  
 Academic regulations for exchange programs              
 Regulations of the Anahuac Excellence and Leadership Directorate (in Spanish)


+ 14,500


+ 2,600


+ 2,000

Académicos y Administratvios.

+ 60,000

Egresados, 4 de cada 10 han iniciado su propia empresa.