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Foreign students

Step 1: Admission process

  • The first thing you need is to have your admission process finished.
  • If you have not started this process before, click here to start it.
  • Any questions, contact us through this email

Step 2:  Beginning of the immigration process

Once admitted, you must make your registration payment and contact your advisor to send you your immigration letter, which you must take to the embassy or consulate of your choice where they will give you a temporary visa to enter the country.
It is important to remember that from the moment you enter the country, you have 30 days to process your residence card.

Step 3:  Process your Temporary Resident card

The migration agent will provide you with a multiple immigration form that you must submit duly completed in the School Services Office of the campus to obtain a temporary or permanent student immigration form, as the case may be, of the National Migration Institute.


It is important to carry out this procedure in the first 30 calendar days since you entered the country. Once your card is ready, you will also be given your Unique Population Registration Code (CURP).

Step 4:   Documentation

If you completed your secondary school and/or high school studies abroad, you must revalidate your studies before the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) to submit your documents before the date indicated by the Universidad Anáhuac. For more information, click here.