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Religious affiliation:

Catholic, Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ




Mr. Cipriano Sánchez García, Legionary of Christ

Meaning of our name:

"Anáhuac" literally means: "near water." Region of the central lakes that gave a place to the Aztec capital: Tenochtitlán, the most populated and culturally developed center in Central America, where Mexico City now stands and in it, our University.


VINCE IN BONO MALUM, "Overcome Evil with Good", is the synthesis of our philosophy.

Our Emblem:

based on the image of a piece of fabric in process, it symbolically collects the work of interaction and development that characterizes education: our fundamental task and commitment.

Our coat of arms:

The coat of arms of the Universidad Anáhuac contains the symbol of skill, ability, speed and intelligence of the double-headed eagle; a bird that always flies higher, defeating all the obstacles, and that, at the same time, it identifies itself with the thinking and spiritual being, as well as with the acting professional.


Colors: Orange and Brown
Sports teams: Lions
Mascot: Leonel