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We are Anahuac Mexico. Positive Action Leaders.







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27 April 2017 / 12:17 hrs
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To be a university community that contributes and encourages the comprehensive instruction process of people who, for their excellent and innovative professional and cultural education at international level, for their profound human and moral instruction inspired by the perennial values of Christian humanism and for their real social awareness, will become positive action leaders and will promote the development of the human being and of society.

(Strategic Planning 2016-2020)


"Anáhuac" means literally: "near the water", that region of lakes where the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, was settled. It is the most populated and culturally developed center in Central America. It is where Mexico City rises and where our University is located.


Our motto, VINCE IN BONO MALUM, “Defeat Evil with Good”, is the outline of our philosophy. a whole concept dismissing negative attitudes. It is a positive action program to defeat the evil of ignorance with the good of science; the evil of improvisation with the good of professionalism, supported on modern techniques; the evil of practical materialism with the good of humanism recognizing the spiritual nature of the human person; the evil of social antagonisms with the good of concord and harmony; the evil of injustice with the good of charity and the evil of selfish unruliness with the good of openness and faith in God.


Our emblem, based on the image of a fabric in process, symbolizes the interaction and development work, characteristic of education: our fundamental task and commitment.

Logotipos Universidad Anáhuac


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