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Directory School of Engineering

Dean of School of Engineering
Mtro. Guillermo Hijar
TEL. (55) 56270210 ext. 8236

Administrative Coordinator (North Campus)
Mtra. Ángeles Martin
Tel. (55) 56270210 ext. 8242

Communication and Promotion Coordinator
Mtra. Gloria Oseguera
Tel. (55) 56270210 ext. 8852


Environmental Engineering Coordinator (North Campus)
Mtra. Myrna Aguilar
TEL. (55) 56270210 ext. 8522

Biomedical Engineering Coordinator (North Campus)
Dr. José Ramón Álvarez Bada
TEL. (55) 56270210 ext. 7003

Civil Engineering Coordinator (North Campus)
Mtro. José Antonio Tena Colunga
TEL. (55) 56270210 ext. 7195

Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Coordinator (North Campus)
Mtra. Brenda Retana Blanco
TEL. (55) 56270210 ext. 7630

Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Coordinator (South Campus)
Ing. Norma Diego Gonzalez
TEL. (55) 56288800 ext. 615

Engineering Management Coordinator (South Campus)
Ing. Norma Diego Gonzalez
TEL. (55) 56288800 ext. 615

Mechatronics Engineering Coordinator (North Campus)
Dr. Leon Hamui Balas
TEL. (55) 56270210 ext. 8470

Mechatronics Engineering Coordinator (South Campus)
Mtra. Isabel Lascurain Gutiérrez
TEL. (55) 56288800 ext. 582

Chemical Engineering Coordinator (North Campus)
Dr. Victor Hugo Del Valle Muñoz
TEL. (55) 56270210 ext. 8645

Chemical Engineering Coordinator (South Campus)
Mtra. Rosario Rodriguez López
Tel. (55) 56288800 ext. 103

Systems and Information Technology Engineering Coordinator (North Campus)
Mtro.Miguel Ángel Méndez Méndez
TEL. (55) 56270210 ext. 7882

Basic Sciences Coordinator (North Campus)
Mtro. Enrique Zamora
TEL. (55) 56270210 ext. 8391


CADIT General Coordinator and Doctoral Program Coordinator
Dr. Víctor Manuel López Sánchez
TEL.5627-0210 Ext. 7829

Administrative Corodinator
Mtra. Mariana Galindo Hernández
TEL.5627-0210 Ext. 8662

Master of Sustainable Development Technologies Coordinator
Mtra. Myrna Antonia Aguilar Solis
TEL.5627-0210 Ext. 8522

Master of Business Management Coordination, Industrial Engineering and Strategic Planning Coordinator
Mtra. Isis Yeyzabeth Castillo Guerra
TEL.5627-0210 Ext. 7119

Master of Analytic Intelligence and Data Mining Coordinator
Mtra. Ana Elisa Lage Ramirez
TEL.5627-0210 Ext. 8390

Master of Busineess Intelligence Coordinator
Dra. Teresa Inestrillas Zárate
TEL.5627-0210 Ext. 8555

More information of postgraduated programs 
TEL.5627-0210 Ext. 7161