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Tutoring Program

Universidad Anahuac is committed to the integral education of its students. This approach to education is based on three indivisible key underlying ideas: teach, educate, and form. In order to accomplish this goal, our Tutoring Program offers students a personalized service to support their development as positive-action leaders: upstanding persons who have been educated within professional, cultural, human, and moral environments, as well as under social responsibility values which promote human development in society.

The Tutoring Program is an essential element of students’ education. Students learn about human personal values while being educated as persons. Considering the academic demands, the course terms, and the strong competitiveness expected of them, students require not only a substantial academic support, but also a continuous and close personal tracking with the purpose of building their profession upon the basis of an upright person, which will allow the fulfillment of Universidad Anahuac´s Mission to form positive action leaders for our society. Each incoming student will be assigned a professor as a tutor for specific guidance and support during the first semester. After the first semester, it is possible for the student to keep the assigned tutor or to choose another one.

The tutor can help with:

  • Academic advising
  • Study methodologies
  • Curriculum planning
  • Selection of subjects, courses, workshops and lectures
  • Elective subjects
  • Leadership programs
  • Tracking overall career progress;
  • Integration to University life
  • Participation in representative sports teams
  • Support in personal matters


More information

Dr. Enrique Antoniano Mateos

Responsible of the Institutional Tutoring Program
School of Engineering
Tel 56270210, ext. 8554

AIn addition to the above, there is a program of tutoring and specialized monitoring by particular knowledge areas

Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 

Mtra. Erika Pedraza Arroyo


Biomedical Engineering

Dra. Marisol Martínez Alanis

Dr. José Ramón Álvarez Bada

Dra. Elizabeth Guevara


Chemical Engineering

Dr. Pablo Aarón Anistro Jiménez

Dra. Cecilia Ximena Villegas Pañeda

Mtra. Alma Rojas Rodríguez