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We are Anahuac Mexico. Positive Action Leaders.







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University Life

Outside the classroom, the university environment comes to life through endless programs and activities enriching the overall experience.

Art & Culture

Arte y Cultura

University Pastoral Services Directorate


Leadership programs


Student Relations

Relacion estudiantil

Grandes Líderes

Comprehensive Education Vice-Rectory


We are a team of instructors committed to the development of upright people with human and professional excellence. We aim at serving the University Community through personal accompaniment and the establishment of student groups fostering meetings with national and international leaders, academic activities and integration, cultural, sports, spiritual, artistic, and social commitment events. This is done through a teamwork philosophy, with quality and human warmth, based on principles and values, and focusing on transcendence for the development of good men and women.


    • Maturity
    • Coherence
    • Sense of Anahuac belonging and pride/li>
    • Respect
    • Responsibility

    Principles and convictions:

    • Catholic spiritual, humane, intellectual, professional, and social leadership
    • Development of upright people
    • Enthusiasm
    • Human warmth
    • Professionalism
    • Teamwork