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Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico: the new cultural venue in Mexico

Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico: the new cultural venue in Mexico

The Centro Cultural Mexiquense Anáhuac has the Tere and Ángel Losada Theater and the School of Arts named after Yitzhak Rabin in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize.



“Inspiration is an awakening, a quickening of all man’s faculties, and it is manifested in all high artistic achievements.” -Giacomo Puccini

In Turandot -one of the most emblematic and popular operas of Giacomo Puccini, an authentic anthem to loyalty, faith, and struggle to obtain what is yearned the most- the Prince Calaf reaffirms his struggle to conquer the love of the disenchanted princess.

With the same loyalty to what is yearned the most, the Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico was inaugurated yesterday. This dream started back in 1995 and became true with the first stone in February 22nd, 2010.

Its construction started in February 2011. Eight years and nine months later it opened its doors to be considered the only one of its kind at the west of the Valley of Mexico, and one of the best venues to live the fine arts in Mexico and Latin America. It comprises the Tere y Angel Losada Theater, and the School of Arts Yitzhak Rabin, after the Nobel Peace Prize.

The inauguration was led by the Rector, Dr. Cipriano Sanchez Garcia, L.C.; the governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo Maza, BS; the mayor of the municipality of Huixquilucan, Enrique Vargas del Villar, BS; and Diana Berenice Uscanga Horta, seventh semester student of the Bachelor in Theater and Acting. There were also other authorities and personalities of the cultural and academic spheres, as well as benefactors and university community members.

The first one in taking the floor was Diana Uscanga. On behalf of all the students, she took the floor and the stage as a symbol that -in addition to being the seat of the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Mexico- this will be the place for the Anahuac Community to express itself through art.

“It is the home we have built as a family sharing a passion, with our daily efforts and the hope of bringing a positive change to the society through the languages of art. We now have new and extraordinary facilities where we can get fulfilled and make a work of art out of our calling”, said Diana in a touching message.

“Welcome to the Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico, a new home for arts in Mexico!” our Rector said with a big smile, and added: “this is not a formal greeting but a friendly hug between those who meet after a long journey in a longing destination.”

It has been a long journey to make it to this point. Our Rector demonstrated his gratitude to all who have trusted in this project, especially to four persons who believed in the need of having a university that should promote art: Ms. Tere Losada, F. Gregorio López, L.C.; and our former rectors: F. Raymund Cosgrave, L.C., and F. Jesús Quirce, L.C.

After these words, the plaque was unveiled. It will remain in the walls of such a magnificent venue, as a way to remember those who were here, and the great works built by men and women.

It was then the turn of the governor of the State of Mexico, who stated that: “with the opening of the Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico, the new facilities of the School of Arts, and this “Tere y Ángel Losada” Theater, the Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico becomes one of the most outstanding venues in the country for the promotion of art and culture.”

Likewise, the governor recognized the student community for being among the most dynamic and active in the country, as well as the education role of our University, being among the best university institutions in Latin America.

After the solemnity of these words, the moment that was highly-anticipated for years finally came; it was possible to listen, see, and experience the fine arts in the Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico with a concert given by the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Mexico, conducted by Rodrigo Macías during its inauguration, and the Polyphonic Choir of the State of Mexico, conducted by Manuel Flores Palacios. They pleased the audience with a concert that was especially arranged for this inauguration ceremony.

The first piece of the program that was listened in this venue was The Thieving Magpie Overture by Rossini, followed my other works by the same composer. There were also works by Donizetti, Mozart, Delibes, Verdi, and the great Puccini, with the first Nessun dorma and O mio babbino caro in the history of this venue. Nonetheless, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 final movement was the one that brought a close on a high note to this extraordinary concert, marking the beginning of the fine arts in this place.

As a gift to the attendants -and not included in the program-, the orchestra, tenors, and choir offered a potpourri with songs of the Mexican singer José José.

The Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico will be open to the general public, and it is part of its identity to be inclusive and sustainable to let people from all social levels have access to the cultural events it will offer.

Since it was founded, 55 years ago, the Universidad Anahuac Mexico has promoted the comprehensive instruction of positive action leaders in order to encourage the development of the human being and the society. Therefore, the Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico represents a guiding light of culture providing an excellent venue in terms of quality for the fine arts. A place for orchestras, choirs, opera, and dance and theater companies, as well as a seedbed for great artists with the Anahuac values.

At the Anahuac, we recognize and are deeply grateful for the generosity of every sector of the society: business people, academics, foundations, parents, the Government of the State of Mexico, and Municipality of Huixquilucan, who have made of this day a dream come true.

Nessun dorma! (None shall sleep!) the act curtain at the Universidad Anahuac Mexico and the Valley of Mexico is up and ready for the fine arts.

Relevant details about the Anahuac Cultural Center of the State of Mexico:

•    More than 15,400 square meters of construction
•    Encompasses the Angel y Tere Losada Theater, as well as the School of Arts of the Universidad Anahuac Mexico
•    The Teatro Ángel y Tere Losada has a capacity for 1,300 seats
•    The architectural design has made by B.Arch. José Grinberg and B.Arch. Sara Topelson, and the interior design was made by B.Arch. Gerardo Broissin and B.Arch.  David Suárez
•    Investment of 400 million Mexican peso
•    Its design and construction involved internationally renowned companies such as Jaffe Holden, from New York, and Chemtrol, from Spain. They provided the best options in terms of acoustics, isoptics, and theater mechanics in Latin America.

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