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Five Programs of the School of Engineering obtained the ABET Certification

Five Programs of the School of Engineering obtained the ABET Certification

The Biomedical Engineering program of Anahuac University is the first to get the ABET certification at national level.


Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Mechatronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at our School of Engineering have been certified by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), the most important engineering program certification agency worldwide.


This is a recognition that encourages international academic quality of the engineering programs offered by our University.


Professionals graduated through an ABET certified program have solid educational foundations and can lead the way of innovation, and emerging technologies, and anticipate the social welfare and safety needs.

ABET acredita cinco programas de nuestra Facultad de Ingeniería


ABET, founded in 1932, is an international certification company formed by 35 professional and technical firms that collaborate to develop assessment criteria for engineering programs. Currently, 4,307 academic programs have been certified from over 800 higher education institutions at 41 countries.


MS Mario Buenrostro Perdomo, Director of the School of Engineering, said that “the ABET certification plays an essential role at leading talent development and the ongoing improvement of our programs in a world where the use of engineering is increasingly relevant because of the increasing impact and diversity of technology in our society, which enhances the access to knowledge and reduces costs and barriers."


In Mexico, Anahuac University in Mexico City was one of the first universities to get the certification for their educational programs, ensuring we meet the necessary requirements to have duly prepared students for technological professions.


Please note that the University Biomedical Engineering program is the first to get the certification nationwide. Currently there are 21 certified schools and 81 certified programs in the country.


ABET acredita cinco programas de nuestra Facultad de Ingeniería

ABET-certified programs allow graduates to work as professionals in other countries.


Please note that ABET-certified program students have access to greater and better work opportunities, graduate programs, and global mobility.


This certification shows the University and School of Engineering commitment to maintain international quality standards.


We congratulate all the members of the School of Engineering: students, teachers, administrative staff and directors, for their commitment and effort to uphold the reputation of Anahuac University in Mexico City.

*It is important to say that this certification applies only to the programs that take place at the north campus of Anahuac University in Mexico City.


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