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Nazism, art, cinema and propaganda

Learn how mass media was used during Nazism to convince people of an ideology that turned out to be detrimental to humanity.

  1. Context of anti-Semitism
  2. Historical overview of the Holocaust
  3. Propaganda
  4. Art
  5. Nazi cinema
Man and postmodernity

Research the characteristics of man in today's world, as well as what great thinkers of our time share.

  1. Context of postmodernity
  2. Cultural movement of the mid-twentieth century
  3. Subsequent conflicts
  4. Postmodernity
  5. Future challenges
Geopolitics and humanism

In-depth study of the current state of international politics and their potential impact on humanity and on us

  1. Geopolitics
  2. The first half of the 20th century
  3. Second half of the 20th century
  4. The arrival of the 21st century
  5. The first 20 years of the 21st century
  6. Future projections
Thinking after Auschwitz

After the concentration camps, the world changed. Learn what the great thinkers from then until today have said about the human being.

  1. The global situation in the first half of the 20th century and the world wars
  2. The critical view and persecution of thinkers during the war period
  3. Post-barbaric criticism
Death and its transcendent meaning

Study on what the great thinkers say about death and why it is claimed that man transcends it

  1. The question of death
  2. The origin of the cult of the dead
  3. Death as a human problem
  4. Man in the face of death
  5. The transcendent vision of death in major religions
  6. Death in Christianity
Superheroes in our culture

How superhero values impact today's society

  1. The origin of superheroes
  2. Superheroes in the media
  3. The revival of superheroes
  4. Superheroes, from the page to the screen
Person and social media

You will analyze the phenomenon of social media with strategies aimed at the full development of the individual to promote a real encounter in the great human community.

  1. Approach to social media
  2. Person and technology
  3. Encounters on social media 
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