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Sacred Art

Knowledge of the periods, authors, characteristics and tools for the interpretation of sacred art

  1. Sacred art
  2. Liturgy and sacred art
  3. History and geography of liturgy
  4. Liturgical communication and its structural elements in Mexico
  5. Sacred art at the service of liturgy in Mexico
Black legends of the Catholic Church

Learn the history of the Church moments that have become famous and find out what really happened.

  1. Introduction to black legends
  2. The Crusades
  3. The Holy Inquisition
  4. Alexander VI
  5. Evangelization in America
  6. Vatican Dynasties
  7. The Galileo case
  8. Pius XII and the black legend
  9. The treasures of the Church
  10. The Da Vinci Code
Knowing the Old Testament
  1. General notions and biblical methodology
  2. Geographical, historical and literary overview of the Bible
  3. The great books
  4. The prophets
  5. The wise
  6. Relevance of the Bible for the contemporary world
Christianity and contemporary ethics
  1. Origin of the Christian message
  2. The ethical message of Christianity
  3. Man and happiness
  4. Human acts
  5. Moral law
  6. Person and moral conscience
  7. Vices, human and Christian virtues
  8. Love as the path to perfection and happiness
Jesus Christ, the true story
  1. Christology
  2. Jesus in the New Testament
  3. Man and happiness
  4. The Beatitudes
  5. Jesus Christ and parables
  6. Jesus Christ, middle and end of the story
Theology of the body
  1. Family crisis in the world today
  2. John Paul II and his work on the family
  3. Catechesis on human love
  4. An adequate anthropology
  5. Human love in JPII
  6. The nuptial significance of the body
  7. Man and woman
  8. Chastity and virginity as expressions of love
  9. Professionals called to the love of God
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