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Talmudic Practices for Today's Jew

Study of the wisdom of the people of Israel as embodied in the Talmud. Knowledge of Hebrew is required.

  1. The sacred texts of Judaism
  2. The chain of tradition
  3. Self-knowledge
  4. The mitzvot
Judaism, life cycle

Holidays, customs, beliefs and richness of life in Judaism

  1. Judaism, a revealed religion
  2. The birth of Judaism
  3. Ceremonies and the beginning of adulthood
  4. Marriage and family
  5. Ritual purity
  6. Death, bereavement and dying
History of the Holocaust

Learn about the series of regrettable events before, during and after the genocide perpetrated during World War II against the Jewish community.

  1. History of anti-Semitism
  2. Nazism
  3. Aryanization
  4. The evolution of extermination
  5. Parallel events
  6. The end of the war
The Jewish holidays, the sanctification of time
  1. God reveals himself to man
  2. The dignity of human life in Judaism
  3. The bar mizwa
  4. Religious festivities
  5. The chatunah in Judaism
  6. The Kashrut
  7. Death and the laws of mourning
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