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Dignity of the human body

Deepening of the characteristics of the human being to establish a shared dignity through respect and understanding.

  1. Reductionism of corporeality in the modern age
  2. Anthropological dimension
  3. Sexuality and transcendence
  4. Meaning and purpose of the body
Courtship, engagement and marriage

Examination of the characteristics of human love, courtship and its stages, as well as the importance of engagement towards the eventual arrival of marriage.

  1. Courtship and marriage today
  2. Courtship and marriage as values of the person
  3. Human sexuality
  4. Infatuation vs. love between a man and a woman
  5. Important elements to consider during courtship
  6. The life project
Preventing addictions

In this workshop, you will learn about the importance of prevention, what is an addiction, and values that help to give meaning to life and to lead a life in freedom and fullness from self-knowledge and self-regulation.

  1. Addictions
  2. Drugs
  3. Meaning of life, freedom
  4. Self-regulation
  5. Values
  6. Self-knowledge
Couples relationship and life

Characteristics of the couple and its stages, how to understand each other better and be able to grow together.

  1. Elements that make up a couple
  2. Human needs of bonding in a couple
  3. Conflict in a couple's life as a driver of personal growth
  4. Intimacy, power and boundaries in the couple
  5. Process and evolution of the couple
  6. Courtship
  7. Values of a couple's relationship
  8. Communication as a couple
  9. Selected topics of life as a couple
Family, challenges and outlook
  1. Challenges of the family today
  2. The family as a natural institution
  3. Gender ideology
  4. Public policies and family
  5. Role of the family in the formation and consolidation of individuals
  6. The university commitment
Family-Work balance
  1. Human being
  2. Complementarity
  3. Maternity and paternity
  4. Family-Work balance
  5. Humanization in the company
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