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Emotional intelligence

Workshop that provides tools for self-knowledge of emotions.

  1. What is emotional intelligence
  2. Handling emotions
  3. Education of emotions applied to one’s children
  4. Educación de la inteligencia aplicada a la educación
  5. Remedies for intelligent emotional education
Forgiveness in violent times

Study of the causes of violence and how to overcome them to transcend to forgiveness

  1. The dehumanizing barbarities of our times
  2. Theories about violence
  3. Anthropology of violence
  4. Psychology of violence
  5. The possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation
Person and resilience

Tools and strategies to achieve strength and know oneself better

  1. What is resilience?
  2. Situations faced by resilience
  3. Resilience in the family
  4. Strategies for cultivating resilience
  5. Resilience and hope
Assertive communication

You will learn what assertive communication is about to be able to exercise it in your daily life and with it, be able to achieve a higher level of success in reaching objectives.

  1. Fundamentals of assertive communication
  2. The keys to communication
  3. Active and empathic listening
  4. Assertive communication and body in harmony
  5. Emotion and communication
  6. Non-verbal communication techniques
  7. Constructive negotiation and settlement of disputes
  8. Communication in difficult situations
  9. Practice and role plays
  10. Building trust in communication
  11. Effective communication in interpersonal relations
  12. Communication skills for the future
  13. Communication and strength
  14. Communication and mental health
Affectivity and sexuality

You will learn the importance of body language and its forms, as well as the characteristics of the love language that will help you to lead a relationship with greater security and maturity.

  1. Person as an encounter being
  2. Affectivity and dynamism of the heart
  3. The body as an expression of affection
  4. The sexual revolution, history and the present
  5. Loving with the body
  6. Loving much and loving well
Discovering the self within me

You will get a better understanding of yourself, as well as of the elements that make up the human personality, to work on them and become a better version of yourself.

  1. Self-esteem
  2. Communication
  3. Strengths
  4. Life project
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Emotions
  8. Anxiety, irritability and stress
  9. Emotional well-being, strengths
  10. Addictions
Persona e inteligencia emocional
Clasificación DAFI