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Anahuac graduates among the 100 most powerful women in business in Mexico

Anahuac graduates among the 100 most powerful women in business in Mexico

Expansión magazine published a list that included six graduates of our university who, from different fields, promote the professional development of women in our country.

To provide greater visibility to women who occupy important leadership positions in the business world (general management, the presidency, finance, commercial, communications, legal and human resources, among others), Expansión magazine has published the ranking of "The 100 Most Powerful Women in Business", a list that includes six of our graduates from the Anahuac Mexico University.

According to the article, the women who stand out on the list use their influence to empower others and have one thing in common: they recognize the responsibility that comes with their position and the need to open doors for others.

On this occasion, the graduates included in the ranking are:

• Melanie Devlyn Gomez (B.A., gen. '91) - Chairwoman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Devlyn Holdings.
• María Teresa Cabrera Guzmán (PhD in Business Law, gen. '13) - Director of Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Liaison for the Coppel Group.
• Alejandra Vázquez Lange (Master’s Degree in Social Responsibility, gen. '17) - Global Director of Sustainability for the Bimbo Group.
• Patricia Raquel Hevia Coto (Business Administration, gen. '92) - Director of Operations for the Metropolitan Region of América Móvil.
• Ninfa Clara Salinas Sada (Marketing, gen. '03) - Vice President of the Executive Committee for the Salinas Group. 
• Daniela Lecuona Torras (Economics, gen. '05) - Director of Investor Relations and Sustainability for América Móvil.

Regarding the methodology used to determine who will appear on the list, Expansión gathers the most important and influential women in the Mexican business world. For the elaboration of the list, it makes an open call to PR agencies and companies. Subsequently, the candidates answer a questionnaire that provides key information, taking into account quantitative and qualitative variables. 

This year, they analyzed 320 profiles, assessing whether the candidate is a company owner or an executive, whether her position is in Mexico or on a global level, whether she is part of the board of directors or an executive and whether she participates in forums, mentoring or coaching. They also take into account the salary received, the size of the company, the management, the experience required for the position, the total revenue of the company and the number of employees, among others.

We congratulate our graduates, who not only carry the name of Anahuac University but also show leadership in their respective fields, promoting equality and the professional development of women. 

*Collaboration with Arizbeth M. Rivera Cabrera, proofreading, Institutional Communications Department.

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