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Anahuac Mexico University and the Magdala Center sign a renewal agreement

Anahuac Mexico University and the Magdala Center sign a renewal agreement.

During this meeting, they highlighted the achievements made throughout the collaboration that began in 2010 and focused on developing an archaeology project aimed at excavating the Magdala settlement.

On September 1, 2023, an event was held in the presence of Dr. Cipriano Sánchez García, L.C., Rector of Anahuac Mexico University, and Fr. Juan María Solana, L.C., Director of the Magdala Center, to sign the renewal of the agreement between the two institutions.

The event was attended by Her Excellency the Ambassador of Israel in Mexico, Einat Kranz Neiger, and the Mayoress of Huixquilucan, Romina Contreras Carrasco, who attended as honorary witnesses.

During this informal meeting, Fathers Juan and Dr. Cipriano highlighted the achievements of the collaboration that began in 2010 and which has focused on the development of an archaeological project aimed at excavating the Magdala settlement located in the Galilee region on the banks of the Kineret, in the north of Israel. This project has been internationally recognized for its professionalism and extraordinary archaeological findings, among the most significant of the last 50 years in Israel.

During these years, the collaboration has strengthened the ties of friendship between Mexico and Israel. Ambassador Neiger said, "The Magdala Center is the first and only project led by Mexico and a Mexican university in Israel, in cooperation with the Israel Antiquities Authority. In addition, it is an exceptional and important academic, archaeological and spiritual site".

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Dr. Sanchez Garcia stated: "The fact that we are returning academically to collaborate through archeology and research via the schools of Education and Humanities is a reencounter that is extremely beautiful and very rewarding".

Father Juan Solana also expressed his desire to extend this project to other areas: "The renewal of this agreement opens the door to a new stage of work involving students from various schools and faculties, such as Tourism, Gastronomy, Communication, History, Languages and Cultural Heritage Management, and Architecture, allowing them to carry out their social service and professional internships in this context".

This project has touched the hearts of thousands of people who have come to know Magdala from an academic, spiritual and tourist point of view. The Magdala Project is also a crossroads between Judaism and Christianity, science and faith, and Mexico and Israel.

With the signing of this agreement, Anahuac Mexico University and the Magdala Center are committed to continue working closely together for the successful development of this project and to strengthen academic ties further.



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