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Anáhuac Cancun University is an institution for undergraduate and graduate studies and an academic community relentlessly aiming for the truth and the good; always committed to the comprehensive formation of leaders who will contribute in the near future to society’s social and cultural transformation in a christian manner.

The Anáhuac Universities’ network is integrated by institutions of higher education who share the same identity and educative method while working closely together in different fields of knowledge to ensure its core mission compliance: the network’s strengthening, operational optimization, members growth and expansion through alliances with other institutions.


“Anáhuac” means “near the water”. Referring to a region surrounded by central lakes chosen as the Aztec Capital: Tenochtitlán. Known for its larger population and for being the greatest center for cultural development in Central America, a place where now rises Mexico City.


Our emblem, inspired by the image of a knitting process, it gathers and intertwines the engagement work and development essential in education: our mission and our most fundamental commitment.

Our motto

“Vince in bono malum”, literally means “beat bad with good” and it was taken from San Pablo’s letter to the romans (12-21); representing our educational philosophy.


Identidad Anáhuac Cancún