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Teaching Model Anáhuac 2025

The 2025 teaching model is designed with our primary goal in mind to provide a well-rounded education for our students. Encompassing four core dimensions: professional, intellectual, human and socio-spiritual, it prepares students to be leaders with a global vision, willing to positively support the community and the wider world.

Being an upright community member means being in the driving seat to aid your personal development and reach your maximum potential.

An Anahuac education offers the students an excellent academic foundation to help steer them along the right path, in a profession which will help support them student throughout their career, in turn contributing to the greater development of society and the community.

Developmental Objectives:

  1. The inner self is founded on dignity and balance. All people by nature are capable of knowing life´s truth and in turn are free to seek goodness.
  2. A human and social vision of one's profession and work, as a means of personal development and service to the family and society.
  3. A healthy and critical vision of cultural development and society to be inserted in it constructively.
  4. An ultimate meaning of life itself, which leads the person to give the right value to all temporal realities.
  5. A deep conviction that human reason is capable of knowing reality, as a presupposition of every effort for the objective, reasoned, and systematic search for the truth.
  6. Knowledge and experience in a convincing way of one's faith, and a respectful vision of human religiosity.
  7. A capacity for influence and leadership in the family, in work structures, and the sociocultural environment itself.
  8. A solid moral standing that serves as one´s guide throughout one´s career and lifetime.
  9. Preparing the student to the highest academic standards of excellence and state of the art teaching methods.
  10. Effective oral and written communication skills.

Leadership Route

The Leadership Route - starts with recognising theory and academic study as the stepping stone to create opportunities for developing managerial skills and collaborative effort.

Entrepreneurship Route

Within the interdisciplinary block the Entrepreneurship Route combines academic and practical elements promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and vision required of our students.


Our students can take advantage of four subjects from another undergraduate program, to form a Minor option. This will complement and expand their professional horizons thus making them more versatile in the workplace.

Electives and workshops

Both Anahuac and Interdisciplinary allows students to choose the latest and greatest in specific self-development courses including workshops ranging from arts, culture and community courses to active participation in multiple sports programs.

Combined Courses

Each undergraduate degree offers at least two electives that encourage the deployment of knowledge and skills learnt thus far, allowing students to demonstrate their achievement and proficiency in each program.