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Revalidation requirements

Revalidation requirements of universities not belonging to the Anahuac University Network:

Present the admission process and collect acceptance results.

*At the university where you have studied you must request the following documents:

  • Academic history with grades (list of subjects you have accredited and the grade you obtained in each one).
  • Thematic content of each accredited subject (breakdown of topics and subtopics studied in each subject).
  • Partial studies certificate (official).

* These documents can be requested in the School Services area of ​​your current educational institution.

The Coordinator of your degree will issue an opinion based on the documentation delivered about which are the subjects that are revalidated.

  • Only subjects with a passing grade above 8.0 are revalidated.
  • The maximum to be revalidated will be 40% of the subjects of the current study plan.
  • Revalidation process cost: $ 2,370.00 MXN or $120.26 USD .
Pay registration in the University Cashier with credit / debit card or check.
  • Original birth certificate.
  • High school certificate, original.
  • Copy of the CURP.
  • Six badge-size photos, black and white, not snapshots.


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