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1.-  Why study Psychology at the Anahuac University of Cancun?

  • The Anahuac University of Cancun is an international campus that enhances the international experience with teachers and students from over 30 different countries.
  • You will attend classes delivered by top-tier international academics, prominent professors and industry leaders.
  • You will gain theoretical and hands-on experience while participating in supervised practices.
  • Carry out research projects focused on different psychology fields.
  • Obtain specialized knowledge in different psychology areas such as: clinical, educational, organizational and neuropsychology.
  • Enrich your international experience with more than 200 exchange programs with universities from around the world.

2.-  What we’re looking for:

  • Do you have a way with words and good listening skills?
  • Are you observant?
  • Do you have good analyzing skills?
  • Are you socially committed to the community?

3.- What can you do with a degree in Psychology?

  • Analyze phenomena related to the different psychology fields.
  • Select and apply methods, techniques and specialized tools, particular of a psychologist, in order to achieve profound comprehension.
  • Carry out psychological evaluations of intelligences, aptitudes, attitudes, interests and personality.
  • Work in prevention, diagnosis and intervention of psychological, behavioral and emotional disorders: same as addiction problems.
  • Be passionate about helping others in their lives and environments.
  • Apply ethical principles in daily routines. 

4.- Where can a Psychologist work?

  • Clinics and private practices.
  • Hospitals, public and private medical care institutions.
  • Educative environments offering assessment and training; as well as providing psycho-pedagogical evaluation and intervention, career guidance and support programs for educational inclusion in schools.
  • Companies, offering programs focused on organizational behavior, human capital training and development.
  • Clinical and neuropsychological rehabilitation centers.
  • Community centers and civil society organizations.
  • Research institutions for people’s development.

5.- Careers

  • Chief human resources officer.
  • Head of talent acquisition.
  • Personnel selection manager.
  • Career counselor.
  • Consultant.
  • Clinical psychologist.
  • Educational psychologist.

6.- 2020 Model

7.- Anahuac Leadership Programs

Innovative programs for leadership training that offer a diploma that includes encounters with professionals, national and international seminars, workshops, conferences, specialized subjects and a multidisciplinary integration.

There are currently nine different programs:

  • ACCIÓN: Sports Leadership Program/ in Sports
  • ALPHA: Medicine Leadership Program/ in Medicine
  • CIMA: University Leadership Program
  • CREA: Communication Leadership Program
  • CULMEN: Art and Culture Leadership Program
  • GENERA: Business Leadership Program
  • SINERGIA: Public Administration Leadership Program
  • VÉRTICE: Excellence Program


Graduate Profile

The Anahuac psychologist is a reliable person with outstanding professional, ethical and humanistic formation who creates long-lasting relations and has a profound respect towards others. Responsible and committed; the graduate selects and applies methods, techniques and tools to carry out evaluations, diagnoses and interventions inside the different environments of psychology.