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1.- Why study Surgery at the Anahuac University of Cancun?

  • The Anahuac University of Cancun is an international campus with students and professors from over 30 different nationalities.
  • You will attend classes delivered by top-tier international academics and scientific leaders on this field.
  • We are the first Private Medical School in Quintana Roo with well-equipped laboratories.
  • Cancun is one of the pioneer cities in the Medical Tourism Industry.
  • Enrich your international experience with more than 200 exchange programs with universities from around the world.

2.- What we’re looking for:

  • Do you like helping others?
  • Do you like analyzing and studying the human body and its behavior?
  • Are you passionate about scientific research?

3.- What can you do with a degree in Surgery?

  • Carry out effective actions to prevent diseases.
  • Treat and rehabilitate pediatric patients; adults and elderly people.
  • Identify the diseases that require the intervention of a second or third care level, opportunely referring the patient and complying with the proper follow-up process.
  • Interpret any information correctly by using the best scientific evidence available and auxiliary tests.
  • Diagnose most common diseases and intervenes in the health-disease processes affecting less protected communities by encouraging prevention programs.
  • Design, coordinate and manage research projects within the different areas of medicine.

4.- Where can a surgeon work?

  • Private clinics and hospitals.
  • Research centers.
  • Sports medicine.
  • Secretariat of Health.

5.- Careers

  • General Practitioner (GP).

6.- 2020 Model

7.- Anahuac Leadership Programs

Innovative programs for leadership training that offer a diploma that includes encounters with professionals, national and international seminars, workshops, conferences, specialized subjects and a multidisciplinary integration.

There are currently nine different programs:

  • ACCIÓN: Sports Leadership Program/ in Sports
  • ALPHA: Medicine Leadership Program/ in Medicine
  • CIMA: University Leadership Program
  • CREA: Communication Leadership Program
  • CULMEN: Art and Culture Leadership Program
  • GENERA: Business Leadership Program
  • SINERGIA: Public Administration Leadership Program
  • VÉRTICE: Excellence Program

8.- Graduate Profile

An Anahuac Surgeon possesses the knowledge, abilities and skills required to take on the responsibility of developing the medical activity. The surgeon is capable of running health care projects and services in different areas, same as for research projects, and effectively uses the technological tools available. He/She takes a leading role in promoting and encouraging actions to prevent and detect diseases and chooses the best treatments to fully rehabilitate patients and communities.