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Special guests and Artistic Committee


Special guests

fotoProfessor Elizabeth Hughes is Deputy Medical Director of Health Education England with specific responsibility for Undergraduate Medical Education. She was previously the Director and Dean of Education and Quality for Health Education England for London and South East. Alongside this she has other national roles for HEE including overseeing education in Pharmacy, Diagnostics and Healthcare Science together with a focus on international medical education. Professor Elizabeth Hughes is also a Consultant in Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine at Sandwell General Hospital, West Bromwich and Honorary Professor at both the University of Birmingham and University of Aston and visiting Professor at Worcester University. Elizabeth is a national expert in the treatment of inherited lipid disorders and is one of the Founder members of the national charity HEARTUK with which she has worked extensively with multi professional healthcare professionals and patients.

Artistic Committee


fotoDeputy Coordinator of Health Sciences Leadership Program ALPHA at Universidad Anáhuac México, Research Fellow at Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez. Graduated as MD from Universidad Anáhuac and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences at Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Interested in clinical research, medical education, pediatrics, leadership applied to health sciences and medical humanism, as well as the development of soft skills for quality patient care.

fotoDegree in Psychology with Clinical and Labor Pre-Specialization from Anahuac Mexico University. She has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the same institution, from the Integrative Personalist Model that emphasizes the person and their integral well-being. Likewise, she is a candidate for a Doctor in the Doctorate of Leadership and Management of Institutions of Higher Education of this house of studies.

In addition, she has certificates in integral formation, integral vision of the adolescent, christianity and culture, counseling and family consulting by national and international universities.

She currently serves as Director of Leadership and Excellence at Anahuac Mexico University, with more than 12 leadership and excellence programs at the pre-university and university level; and has experience in the field of Social Commitment. Likewise, she participates in various clinics as an integrative personalist therapist for adolescents and adults.

In addition to her previous duties, she has participated in committees on entrepreneurship, social responsibility, accessibility and inclusion, to name a few; she has developed instruments that evaluate the profile of integral formation, leadership, life skills and social commitment of people; and has generated research projects related to altruism and fulfillment, millennials, life skills, among others.

Her interests include leadership, human development, volunteering and social action, psychology, human resources and communication. She also enjoys literature, cinema, writing, oral expression and travelling.

fotoGraduated MD and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Economy at Universidad Anáhuac México, social service fellow at Health Sciences Leadership Program ALPHA and Assistant Professor of Decision Making in Healthcare.

SpeakerAngel is a Medical Doctor graduated from Universidad Anahuac Mexico, Student Member of the American College of Surgeons, currently pursuing a Specialty in Health Management and Corporate Welfare and a Master’s degree in Health Institution Management. He did research at the Yale New Haven Transplantation Center and was part of the Harvard-MIT Program for Health Sciences and Technology, where he developed interest for surgery-focused biotechnology and startup companies. He has been part of the ALPHA Health Sciences Leadership Program since its beginning in 2014 and has organized activities promoting medical ethics, humanism and service attitude in healthcare professionals.

fotoGraduated as MD and with a Master’s Degree in Bioethics at Universidad Anáhuac México. Currently Coordinator of Health Sciences Leadership Program ALPHA, professor at the Health Sciences Faculty and Leadership and Excellence matters at the same institution. Experience on medical missions and brigades. Interested in educational projects in health sciences and humanism applied in medicine. Pursuing a PhD in Bioethics.

fotoDegree in Communication from Tecnológico de Monterrey. Second degree in Performing Arts by the Randolph School of the Arts, Toronto. Master’s Degree in Education from Universidad Anáhuac. Professor at the School of Arts and Leadership and Excellence matters at the same institution. Coordinator of Arts and Culture Leadership Program CULMEN at Universidad Anáhuac México. Interested in artistic education and development of skills and abilities through art. She is involved with health matters by conducting informational capsules about health, quality of life and prevention by interviewing health professionals.

fotoGraduated MD and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Managment, both at Universidad Anáhuac México. Currently, Social Service Fellow at Health Sciences Leadership Program ALPHA. Continual medical education courses in Clinical Health Sciences Research and in Medical Leadership, both endorsed by Universidad Anáhuac México Norte. Certified as an American Heart Association Instructor.

Acting Studies by Casazul, Artes Escénicas Argos. Bachealor Degree  in Marketing and Corporate Communication Management. Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Senior Business Management (MBA) at Universidad Anáhuac México. Professor at the School of Arts and Leadership and Excellence matters at the same institution. Deputy coordinator of Arts and Culture Leadership Program CULMEN at Universidad Anáhuac México. Coordinator of Enrollment Marketing for the Arts School. 

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