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"The Doctor as a Humanist" International Symposium

March 25th - 28th, 2020
Universidad Anáhuac, Mexico City

Abstract submission deadline
December 1st 2019
Abstract submission results
January 10th 2020
Pre-congress workshops
March 25th 2020
Interntational Symposium
March 26-28 2020



Universidad Anáhuac México is pleased to welcome you to the Third International "The Doctor as a Humanist" symposium, where since 2017 (Mallorca) and 2019 (Moscow) we have been seeking to answer the question of whether the medical humanities can transform 21st century medicine and how we can implement this change.

The third symposium seeks to consolidate the growth of this international movement based on promoting the medical humanities as a means to inspiring humanism in the formation and daily practice of health professionals and medical students. However, we also look beyond the medical profession, as we aim to join forces with all those interested in, and convinced of, the importance of the humanities in medicine, be they scientists, artists, anthropologists or 3rd year medical students.

Our vision is to be as inclusive as possible in order to reach as many people as possible. We are convinced of the enormous need to re-humanize the medical sciences. Nearly three years ago we said that we aimed to “bring back the heart and soul to medicine”, and we believe in this now more than ever, for as the famous Mexican poet Octavio Paz said, we “Deserve our dream”.

So, if you believe that we do deserve to make our dream a reality come and join us in Mexico and help us build bridges between countries, between disciplines and between ages to restore the humanities to its rightful place at the centre of the medical profession.


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International Committee

fotoMr McFarland currently works in the capacity of the Head of Academic Writing Office at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. In addition, Mr McFarland conducts research in oratory analysis, sociolinguistics and compositional studies. One of his current major projects is the international association "The Doctor as a Humanist". (Sechenov University, Moscow)

fotoProfessor Markovina is Director of Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, also teaches English as for Medical Purposes, Medical Translation, Ethnopsycholinguistics, and conducts research in these fields, thus promoting intercultural communications and international cooperation. (Sechenov University, Moscow)

fotoAs an Oncologist and General Practitioner, Prof. Gibbs has maintained a life-long interest in health professions education and has been active in achieving curricula transformation in many parts of the world. He holds a senior position in the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) and is Director of the AMEE Networking Centres in China, the Russian Federation and Georgia.

fotoJoaquim Gea obtained his MD (1979) and PhD (1989) degrees at the Universitat de Barcelona, being specialist in both Internal Medicine (1981) and Respiratory Medicine (1985). He is the Head of the Respiratory Department at Hospital del Mar, Full Professor and Dean of the School of Medicine at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Deputy Director at the Spanish Network of Excellence for Research in Respiratory Diseases (CIBERES). He has been funded by 68 competitive grants, including 4 projects funded by the European Commission, and published more than 300 Original Articles and Reviews in peer reviewed journals as well as 60 book chapters. (Pompeu Fabra, University, Spain)

fotoDr. Soriano is Associate Professor of Medicine at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and Senior Investigator at the Hospital Universitario de la Princesa, both in Madrid, Spain. He is also a bariton opera singer. (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)


Local Committee

fotoCurrently coordinator of clinical cycles at Anahuac University Mexico, Dr. Felix has dedicated his life to the promotion and development of humanism as a medical competence, seeking at all times to favor the treatment and patient-doctor relationship. Medical Oncologist-Pediatrician who in addition to exercising the medical profession has a great interest as a teacher trainer. (Anahuac University, Mexico)

fotoAnahuac University, Mexico

fotoAnahuac University, Mexico Theology Bachelor.
Specialized in Moral Theology by the Regina Apostolorum Athenaeum, Rome (2001).
Doctor in Bioethics from the Faculty of Bioethics of the Regina Apostolorum Athenaeum, Rome (2011).

Curriculum Vitae

(Anahuac University, Mexico)

fotoSurgeon and Midwifery Doctor, with a master's degree in science and a specialty in morphology and histology. Currently coordinator of Undergraduate Internship at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Anáhuac México, member of the Committee of the Comprehensive Summative Evaluation of examinations for the Degree in Surgeon and member of the Council Committee in the same Faculty. (Anahuac University, Mexico)

(Anahuac University, Mexico)

fotoMedical Doctor graduated from Universidad Anáhuac México, currently pursuing a Specialty in Health Management and Corporate Welfare and a Master's Degree in Management and Administration of Health Institutions. Fervent promoter of medical humanism and humanities as a way to acquire such competence. (Anahuac University, Mexico)


International Speakers


PhD in clinical reasearch


Urologist Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI

Profesor History and Philosophy of Medicine Anahuac 

Dr. Pulaski has been a member of the neurology center since 1982, dedicated since then to the development of his specialty in Johns Hopkins as well as to the experiential development of humanistic medicine through the medical treatment of homeless people.

Senior scientist, RI-MUHC dedicated to research two main areas. First, in the field of vascular biology, my main interest in elucidating signaling mechanisms and biological actions of angiopoietins and vascular endothelial cell growth factor. Devoted to the study and teaching of universal history, Prof. Hussain is worldwide know for the great impulse given to the promotion of medical humanism.


Convocatoria / Convocatory


Exposición de Arte


Artistic Exhibition

Video The Doctor as a Humanist

Documentary video from the 2nd symposium

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