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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Emprende Anáhuac México has the purpose of promoting an entrepreneurial culture of high impact at the University through five initiatives: Incubation, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Instruction, Research, and Accelerator.

University students and alumni have the opportunity of joining an incubation program to validate their ideas in the market, implement a business model, and start the operation of their undertaking.

Likewise, we are generating links with successful startups, mentors, awards, government calls, accelerators, and other actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to ease the project development.

The Entrepreneurship Research Group has specialists in fields such as gender entrepreneurship, family businesses, technology and innovation, informality, youth entrepreneurship, cultural entrepreneurship or crowdfunding. It works in the generation of state-of-the-art knowledge to help in understanding the problems and opportunities behind entrepreneurship in Mexico.

Lastly, students have the opportunity to take the Certificate Diploma in Entrepreneurship with its elective credits by choosing three subjects from the following areas: Basic Skills, Potential for Significant Growth, Social Impact, and Family Business.

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