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Anahuac’s Undergraduate Program in Communications Receives ACEJMC Reaccreditation

Anahuac’s Undergraduate Program in Communications Receives ACEJMC Reaccreditation

The world’s leading agency in assessing university programs in the fields of journalism and communications recognizes the Faculty of Communication for the quality of its program.

The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) reaccredited the Undergraduate Program in Communications of Anahuac University’s Faculty of Communication up to the academic year 2027-2028.

ACEJMC is the world’s leading agency in evaluating professional journalism and mass communications programs in colleges and universities. Anahuac University in Mexico City is one of only 119 schools and universities worldwide that are accredited by this association.

Most of the universities with ACEJMC accreditation are located in the United States, with the exception of three in Latin America, including Anahuac.

The Accrediting Council unanimously approved the reaccreditation of the Faculty of Communication, underlining the professional education the faculty provides, founded on high standards and excellence. In particular, the university was recognized for its diversity and inclusion plan: the faculty offers a safe environment where people can express themselves, and simultaneously, it offers scholarships to those in need. The program was first accredited in 2015.

ACEJMC reacredita la Licenciatura en Comunicación de la Anáhuac 

In late October 2021, ACEJMC’s evaluation team was received at Anahuac University in Mexico City to prepare a preliminary report of the Undergraduate program in Communications. For this report, the following nine areas were taken in account: quality of the program, facilities, evaluation plan, proficiency of faculty members, student support and services, and community services.


ACEJMC reacredita la Licenciatura en Comunicación de la Anáhuac 

This achievement is the culmination of teamwork. For the past six years, the members of the Faculty of Communication have been assessing and documenting the academic quality of its faculty based on international standards in an effort to maintain Anahuac’s position among of the top universities across the nation—as evinced by the QS Ranking—and to continuously strive to improve the quality of the Undergraduate program of the Faculty of Communication.

Proof of the program’s commitment to its students by maintaining its academic standards, ACEJMC reaccreditation places the program among those offered by Arizona State University, Columbia University, Penn State University and the University of North Carolina on Chapel Hill.

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