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CEMEFI Recognizes Anáhuac’s ASUA Volunteer Program Nationwide

CEMEFI Recognizes Anáhuac’s ASUA Volunteer Program Nationwide

Anáhuac México University receives the Recognition of the Best University Practices in the Promotion of Citizenship.


The Mexican Center of Philanthropy (CEMEFI) recognized Anáhuac’s ASUA Voluntary Program (Social Action of Anáhuac University) in the fifth edition of the Best University Practices in the Promotion of Citizenship awards.

“It gives us great pleasure to know that programs like the ASUA Volunteer Program exist and to acknowledge the work carried out by Anáhuac University North Campus and its training capacity within the student and academic community,” declared Paulina Zúñiga Carrillo, investigating officer of CEMEFI.

Headed by Dr. José Alberto Castilla Barajas, director of Social Commitment of the North Campus, the ASUA Volunteer Program has been recognized on numerous occasions and is deemed the largest university volunteer program in Mexico.

“This award is a great incentive for us to continue our efforts since it is proof that Anáhuac’s social awareness and its management model for social action have a definitive impact on society. The institutions of higher education have indeed succeeded in transforming reality,” remarked Dr. Castilla.

He expressed his appreciation for CEMEFI’s recognition and added: “Being part of Anáhuac means being a volunteer and making an impact on society. It is in the DNA of our educational institution.”

We would like to underline that all competing schools for the Recognition of the Best University Practices have initiatives for more responsible citizen participation.

The Recognition of the Best University Practices was created by CEMEFI to acknowledge actions taken by higher education institutions that are designed to promote the active participation of their student and academic communities and that have a positive impact on the community and on those who directly reap the benefits of these programs.

This award seeks to praise the work and dedication of the great institutions that train students to become professionals who are committed to their community and to their society and whose actions promote social engagement.

We would like to thank CEMEFI and the institutions that form part of this award’s technical committee. We would also like to thank those who support us in our commitment, like Anáhuac México University, a university that continues to contribute to the formation of authentic leaders who are committed to social responsibility, innovation and the betterment of society.




For more information:
Office for Social Commitment 
Dr. José Alberto Castilla Barajas