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Mexico, at the top of the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador.

Mexico, at the top of the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador.

The Mexican delegation won 353 medals, of which 95 were obtained in various disciplines by our Anahuac Lions: 48 gold, 33 silver and 14 bronze.

On July 8, 2023, the Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador ended, a sporting event in which our country obtained 353 medals: 145 gold medals, 108 silver and 100 bronze.
The Mexican delegation included 65 Anahuac Lions, including students and graduates, who won 95 medals in different disciplines.

Our outstanding athletes from the Anahuac Elite Sporting Excellence Program were:

Centroamericanos Nuria

1.     Mayan Oliver - Modern Pentathlon x 2
2.     Mariana Arceo - Modern Pentathlon
3.    Catherine Oliver - Modern Pentathlon
4.    Héctor Ruvalcaba - Swimming 4x200m freestyle
5.    Nuria Diosdado - Synchronized Swimming duet x4
6.     Ángel Martínez - Swimming 4x100m freestyle
7.    Daniel de la Rosa - Men's lightweight double sculls
8.    Maite Arrillaga - Rowing x2
9.    Duilio Carrillo - Modern Pentathlon
10.    Mildred Belén - Rowing x2
11.    Karla Díaz - Rhythmic gymnastics
12.    María José Mata - Swimming Butterfly x3
13.    Melissa Rodríguez - Swimming 200 m Breaststroke x2
14.    Manuel Padilla - Men's Modern Pentathlon Relays
15.     Hugo Reyes - Rowing
16.     Daniela Estrada – Team Artistic Swimming
17.     Pamela Toscano – Team Artistic Swimming
18.     Diego Garcia - Diving
19.    Alejandra Ortega – Race Walking
20.    José Luis Doctor – Race Walking
21.    Adirem Tejada, Kimberly Salazar and Dalia Alcocer - Rhythmic Gymnastics
22.    Ledia Damaris - Rhythmic Gymnastics x2
23.     Marina Malpica - Rhythmic gymnastics x5
24.     Cecilia Sayuri Ramírez - Triathlon
25.     Job Castillo - Badminton
26.     Dafne Gutierrez - Field Hockey
27.    Brandon Plaza - Taekwondo
28.    Fabiola Villegas - Taekwondo
29.     Jose Maria Pastor - Taekwondo
30.     Nataly Michelle - Fencing
31.    Alejandra Ramirez - Shooting
32.     Jorge Luna Estes - Pole Vaulting

Centroamericanos Marina Malpica

1.    Edna Carrillo - Judo -48 kg
2.    Paulina Martinez - Judo -52 kg
3.    Robin Jara - Judo
4.    Mariana Arceo - Modern Pentathlon
5.    Melissa Rodriguez - Swimming 100m breaststroke x2
6.    Nuria Diosdado - Individual Artistic Swimming x2
7.    Carolina Mendoza - Diving
8.    María José Mata - Swimming 200m freestyle x4
9.    Duilio Carrillo - Modern Pentathlon
10.    Pamela Toscano – Team artistic swimming x2
11.    Daniela Estrada –Team artistic swimming x2
12.    Hugo Reyes – Rowing coxless pair
13.    Mildred Belén - Rowing
14.    Maite Arriaga - Rowing
15.    Vanessa Rodriguez - Rugby
16.    Daniel de la rosa - Rowing
17.    Mariana Días - Wrestling
18.    Karla Díaz - Rhythmic Gymnastics
19.    Ledia Damaris - Rhythmic Gymnastics x2
20.     Marina Malpica - Rhythmic Gymnastics
21.     Job Castillo - Badminton
22.    Daniela Souza - Taekwondo
23.    Carlos Sansores - Taekwondo
24.    Xhunanshi Caballero - Karate
25.     Sheila Tejeda – Fencing

Centroamericanos Daniel de la Rosa

1.    Catherine Oliver - Modern Pentathlon
2.    Héctor Ruvalcaba - Swimming 200m butterfly x3
3.     Ángel Martínez – Swimming 200m Medley
4.    Alexis Esquivel - Judo
5.    Diego Diaz - Judo -90 kg
6.    Nicolás Falcón, Luc Martín, Alejandro Chávez, Alejandro Revilla, Ricardo Ancira and Franco Guerrero - Rugby
7.    María Fernanda Peón - Swimming 200m breaststroke
8.    María José Mata - Swimming
9.    Noel Ali – Race Walking
10.    Ledia Damaris - Rhythmic Gymnastics
11.    Leslie Soltero - Taekwondo
12.    Stefania Aradillas - Softball

Centroamericanos Gimnasia


This is the second time that Mexico has topped the medals table in this prestigious Central Caribbean sporting event. In the previous edition in Barranquilla, Colombia (2018), our country ranked first with 341 medals, of which 132 were gold medals.

The Mexican Olympic Committee praised all the athletes, coaches, technical staff, doctors, federation officials, officials, mission leaders and the entire Mexican delegation for the tremendous effort they made for Mexico to be crowned champion: "You are the ones who deserve the applause and affection of the Mexican people. Our eternal admiration goes out to you and your families," concludes the communiqué.

It should be noted that thanks to the Elite Program, which has been running for more than 20 years under the management of Gustavo Alpuche Aguirre, Anahuac supports high-performance athletes by providing them with a quality education through its undergraduate and graduate programs without neglecting their sports training.
Anahuac Mexico University is proud to have world-class, high-performance athletes in its Elite Sporting Excellence Program, whose talent and victories are testimony to the sports and academic training they receive at our institution. Thanks to their dedication, discipline and passion, this achievement will be a source of inspiration for future generations and an impetus for the development of sports in the country.

*Collaboration and photographs by Gustavo Alpuche Aguirre.

More information:
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