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Information Technology and Digital Business Engineering

1.- Why study Information Technology at the Anahuac University of Cancun?

  • You will be in touch with world-class international companies from the tourism and the transportation industries.
  • Quintana Roo has the greatest infrastructure development in Mexico.
  • The international market challenges faced by the companies located in the state give you the opportunity to optimize procedures that increase productivity and financial rentability.
  • You will acquire several useful corporate skills which will allow you to create and manage successful companies addressing and solving the society’s needs and problems.
  • You will be part of one of the most active digital communities in Latin America.
  • You will participate in multidisciplinary projects to solve society’s real problems while using cutting-edge technology.

2.- What we’re looking for:

  • Are you interested in business management?
  • Do you enjoy studying mathematics and exact sciences?
  • Do you have the ability to adapt to technological and educational changes?

3.- What can you do with a degree in Information Technology?

  • Decision criteria for new technology investment in companies.
  • Incorporate technological tools in different processes of a company.
  • Lead the development of new products and services.
  • Register, manage and protect the information generated by a company.
  • Manage all the digital transformation processes.
  • Start new businesses related to cutting-edge technology and digital communications.

4.- Where can an IT Engineer work?

  • Software development.
  • Technology management consulting.
  • Development of video games, mobile apps, web platforms and digital communication.
  • Services related to technological infrastructure, information security or cloud computing.
  • Technology commercialization.
  • Designing and programming devices, machines or systems based on Internet of things (IoT).
  • Developing mobile apps using virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies.

5.- Careers

  • IT service manager.
  • IT innovation manager.
  • Digital transformation project manager.
  • CEO of your own technology services company.


Graduate Profile

The Anahuac Information Technology Engineer has a solid training in the areas of software development, technology management, business informatics and electronic businesses, and seeks for the innovation and optimization of all processes. Designs and manages computer systems. Defines the strategies that should be undertaken to create groundbreaking businesses in the digital market.