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Multimedia Design

1.- Why study Multimedia Design at the Universidad Anáhuac Cancún?

  • Do you like working in multidisciplinary teams?
  • Do you have the capacity for empathy?
  • Do you like practical, digital and technological development activities?

2.- Do you have the potential to be Multimedia Design?

  • It uses methods and new technologies to develop multimedia experiences that are at the service of the human being.
  • Proposes solutions to multimedia communication problems to add value to the message.
  • Develop multimedia products or services strategies to make quality and innovative contributions.
  • Undertake and manage interdisciplinary mutimedia projects to meet the needs of society in a variable and sustainable way.

3.- What does a Multimedia Design do?

  • Integrates knowledge attitudes and skills that allow you to reach a diagnosis and apply treatment in the field.
  • It promotes health, as well as the prevention and treatment of the most frequent diseases and their rehabilitation.
  • He collaborates and directs in interdisciplinary teams for research.

4.- Where does a Multimedia Designer work?

  • Digital agencies
  • Advertising agencies.
  • Consulting Companies
  • Platform development agencies and user experiences.

5.- In what charges?

  • Art director.
  • Creative director.
  • Animation and multimedia editing.
  • Communication and Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • Virtual platform designer.


Graduate Profile

The degree in Multimedia Design is able to identify, configure, assess, communicate and manage various products, services and strategies on multimedia platforms; manages digital tools to propose integral design solutions; he dominates conceptual art and proposes strategies of
complex communication in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional audiovisual media; It is suitable for designing virtual interfaces; develops critical thinking to create innovative proposals that
they transcend in order to make a contribution to the global dimension and manage projects of
design through multidisciplinary teams.