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Admission Process

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1All application documents should be presented in English.


2Documents should be scan in high resolution and send to:


3Once the complete file is received by the Admissions Committee, it will determine the candidate’s eligibility to join the graduate program. Students will receive a letter of acceptance.


Students from any country are welcome to apply to the Master Degree in Global Bioethics (MDGB) . All information relating to individuals (personal data) is collected and used in accordance with the Directive of the Universidad Anáhuac and the Secretariat of Public Education of the Mexican Government.

lupa  Student admission criteria

To be eligible for the master program, the applicant must be holder of a recognized bachelor’s degree according to the regulations in the country of origin.

icono  Required Documents:


1. Students Application (Download, print, complete, sign, scan)

2. Original Birth certificate (Apostille or Validated)

3. High School Diploma, including transcripts

4. Diploma or proof of a bachelor’s degree (Apostille or Validated)

5. Bachelors Transcripts of the four years of studies (Apostille or Validated). If you have a master’s degree or Ph.D., you may send us a copy. Apostille not required.

6. Two letters of academic or job recommendation 

7. Curriculum Vitae / Resume

8. Current Valid ID copy (Passport or Country ID)

9. One recent digital photograph

10. Motivation letter: Describing the applicant’s motivations to enroll in the MDGB, what are the competencies and skills he/she would like to achieve, future perspectives and aspirations after the Masters.

11. Affidavit of Single name Only name (Download, print, complete, sign)

12. Commitment Letter for International Students (Download, print, complete, sign)

13. Personal interview


interview  Personal Interview

A Zoom interview will be conducted with the candidates in order to assess other factors affecting their application and their motivation to enroll in the Master. The interview will be a videoconference conducted in English.

lista  Application and Registration Deadlines


Applications will close on April 26th, 2024


Important Notes


  • An Apostille is a certificate issued by a “competent” state or federal authority for countries where the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents, also known as the Apostille Convention, is enforced. The certificate is attached to an original, or certified copy, of a document. The apostille verifies the seals and signatures of officials on public documents such as vital records (i.e., birth, death and marriage certificates), notarized papers, court orders, or any other document issued by a public authority. The apostille validates that a document can be used in another Hague-member country which has a similar, document verification system.

Apostille and Validation of documents
  • Students living in countries that don’t belong to the Hague Convention. Students must Validate their studies in the nearest Mexican Embassy or Consulate. The certificate is similar to apostille; it is attached to an original document. (responsible for payment of the fees).

  • In case the prospect student doesn't have all the papers required they can register to take the Master in Global Bioethics but only achieve de Certificate Degree.

  • Once the student has completed all 18 course there will be a call to degree to confer the master’s degree Diploma. The process has a fee of $850 USD that the student will be responsible for making the payment.

Call to Confer a Degree
  • Once the students have completed the Master program and obtain the official degree by the Anahuac University. Students may request the certificate from the APRA. There will be some specific instructions and fees to obtain the certificate.

  • Students who complete the master’s degree program will also be eligible to continue the PhD program at the Universidad Anahuac or the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum.



Dr. Maria Ines Girault
Graduate Bioethics Programs
Faculty of Bioethics, Anahuac University


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